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Still Me (Me Before You #3)

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Published 30 Jan 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Pamela Dorman Books

From the sensational #1 New York Times bestselling author Jojo Moyes, a new book featuring her iconic heroine of Me Before You and After You, Louisa Clark.
Louisa Clark arrives in New York ready to start a new life, confident that she can embrace this new adventure and keep her relationship with Ambulance Sam alive across several thousand miles. She is thrown into the world of the superrich Gopniks: Leonard and his much younger second wife, Agnes, and a never-ending array of household staff and hangers-on. Lou is determined to get the most out of the experience and throws herself into her job and New York life within this privileged world.
Before she knows what's happening, Lou is mixing in New York high society, where she meets Joshua Ryan, a man who brings with him a whisper of her past. In Still Me, as Lou tries to keep the two sides of her world together, she finds herself carrying secrets--not all her own--that cause a catastrophic change in her circumstances. And when matters come to a head, she has to ask herself Who is Louisa Clark? And how do you reconcile a heart that lives in two places?

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- The United States
Thu, 28 Sep 2017

Do we really need this series to continue? Whatever, I'll still read it.

- San Jose, Costa Rica
Sat, 30 Dec 2017

Hello again, Louisa Clark!
Books teach you empathy.
I enjoyed a lot reading this book, since after three novels (counting this one), Louisa Clark, is already a literary character that it’s always a wonderful experience to read about.
Louisa Clark goes to her next phase in her life, this time leaving her native England to go to work at New York. She has to leave her family, her friends and her boyfriend, Ambulance Sam, only Nathan is with her, since it was him who helped her to get the job as personal assistant of the new wife of a very important and rich man, living at the famous Fifth Avenue, but you will get to know several places around the city that never sleeps, becoming another resident there as well as Lou.
Jojo’s narrative which turn into the very voice and thoughts of Louisa, take us to New York in a way that you can watch each building, you can feel each street, you can taste each weather.
Something that I love about Jojo Moyes’ books (at least Louisa Clark’s saga) that you learn empathy (as the chosen quote clearly indicates), since you never has to rush to conclusions about the people that you meet, the same as in the first book and the second one too, characters that maybe get your nerves, you need to be patient, since you never know how relevant an unexpected character can be for the fate of Louisa Clark,…
…the same as our own lives.
You have to be true to yourself, don’t look for doing bad things on purpose to others, never look for revenge, keep your soul and heart clean, and don’t look for unnecesary enemies, since life will give you enough unavoidable foes, for “helping” to add others to the list, even since life doesn’t help you giving people “white hats” or “black hats”, life isn't like an old western movie where isn't that hard to know who is good or bad out there.
There are people that it’s easy to know that can be a valuable friendship for you, but others won’t be so easy to recognize…
…be cautious, think before talk, and always do what you think is right.
There’s always something.
Lou keeps trying her best to do her tasks in the best possible way, and certainly she will put to test when duty and righteousness, will become one single mess, not making easy to know how to act at certain times.
Also, Lou will have to be strong about her own personality and the little things that made her like what truly is and don’t betray herself. Only Louisa Clark can be Louisa Clark and the literary world would be a sad place without her. In the same way, only you can be you in our world, so don’t make changes in your very foundation of what makes you, you.
Moreover, beside to learn about the new life of Lou in New York, you’ll be able to learn about the Clark family and the Traynors too. After three books (counting this one), they’re like part of our own family too, since it has been quite a journey since we meet for the first time to Lou when she was fired from the coffee shop, never imagining all the stuff that she’ll do from then on and all the incredible people that will get into Lou’s life.
For better or worse, always modeling into unexpected levels the life of our Lou.
Your life – it’s never quite, is it, love?
Thank you, Jojo, for giving us once again Lou and being able to walk side-by-side with her for a third time.

- New York, NY
Tue, 31 Oct 2017

Why This Book
I enjoyed the first two books in the 'Me Before You' series, then I won the third one, Still Me, by Jojo Moyes, in a Goodreads Giveaway. I was quite excited and nervous, as I adored the first book but thought the second was just decent/good. I am very glad to say this third one is much closer to the first!
Approach & Style
I read an advance copy of this ~378 page paperback novel in about 5 hours during a two day period. It goes very quickly as the story is quite intriguing -- the writing feels effortlessly natural. It's broken into ~35 chapters, which makes each about ten pages long. The book is told in first person POV with the perspective focused on Louisa. A few chapters have letters, emails or news articles to help push the story forward. It's the third in a series and well-worth the read to spend with the brilliance of the characters and the backdrop.
Plot, Characters & Setting
Louisa moves to Park Avenue in NYC to help her friend Nathan who looks after an upper class family. She'll be a 'friend' or 'assistant' to Agnes, the younger second-wife of Mr. Gopnik who was mentioned in the second book. There are various other staff in the Gopnik household and apartment building who Louisa interacts with, as well as some new friends she makes in NYC. Lou goes home for Christmas to visit her parents and sister, as well as continues to date Sam, the paramedic, from prior books. The story is about her acclimation to a different kind of life than she had in England, as well as the process to help her figure out who she wants to be. Despite all that's happened to her, she still has more to learn... I love that about this story! There's romance, mystery, secrets, friendships, touristy fun, and decisions to make.
Key Thoughts
Jojo Moyes is a phenomenal storyteller. I adore her characters, settings and scenes. I may be partial as I know a lot of the places in the book since it takes place in NYC; however, even when Lou is just wandering around with no real plot, it's brilliant writing. The setting is always described in the perfect amount of detail with just enough for my imagination to fill in the blanks.
The characters are very real and familiar. I've seen them before in reality and other books, but there's something special about their dialogue and how they relate to one another in this book. I whipped so fast through Still Me, as I just couldn't put it down.... you think 'I'll just spend 30 minutes before bed,' then find yourself 200 pages in and ready for more!
Lou's journey is a combination of the first two books. It takes the reality from the second book with the emotions from the first book, then smashes them together in a final wrapper on discovering what makes Lou 'still me.'
I can't say enough good things about this book... I won't spoil the ending, but that may be the only thing that I was a little 'eh' on, in terms of how she ends up relationship-wise. In this book, she struggles with long-distance Sam, meets someone new, and has to figure out what's right for her. Part of me saw a different ending, but this one still worked. Ultimately, I love Lou... she might be one of my favorite literary characters.
I will definitely pick up another Moyes book... after the three in this series, I know she's an author I will enjoy for many years. I'm grateful to the friend who introduced me to this series. :)

- Greenwood, IN
Mon, 06 Nov 2017

I am a Louisa Clark fan!
I have enjoyed all three books in this series and I wish Louisa was a personal friend of mine. Following her ups and downs and all the things she learns along the way is a real treat. Each book she brings something along from the previous book(s), but each book also stands on its own.
I will say that I think I enjoyed this one more than After You. Something about the story made it feel more like a direct sequel to Me Before You. Not that I was hoping it would be or that being like the first makes it better. It was just nice to return to a story that felt like what I remembered from the first.
For sequels, the question is often asked "do I need to read the previous books?" I think that this one offers enough background from the earlier books and doesn't lean too much on their content so that you could read this without the others if you really wanted to. But, I think that it is worth giving the whole series a go.
If you are into slightly cheesy tear jerkers that warm your soul and tug the heart strings, acquaint yourself with Louisa Clark - I gaurantee you won't regret it!

- Monroe, CT
Sun, 18 Feb 2018

4 Stars.
Louisa Clark has arrived. In New York that is. Her old friend Nathan has gotten her a job as an assistant to Agnes Gopnik, a wealthy married woman who has trouble fitting in and who more than anything, needs a friend. For Louisa its an opportunity. To see the world and to do what Will always told her to do. And this time, Louisa takes it. New York. NEW YORK.
For Lou however, moving to New York has brought about lots of challenges. Lou has to leave Sam - her new boyfriend and though they agreed to try a long distance relationship - it turns out to be quite the bumpy ride, but then with Louisa, you’d expect nothing less. While in New York, Louisa meets someone, a man who reminds her of her Will and it throws Louisa for a loop, and when Sam sees him, it throws him for one too.
New York is both everything and nothing like Louisa Clark expected. She has to fight for what she wants and fight hard and in doing so Louisa finally finds what she has been lacking, her sense of self.
In my opinion, “Still Me” by Jojo Moyes far surpassed “After You.” Though nothing compares to the first book in the series, “Me Before You,” I am glad that I continued on and read about Louisa Clark’s next adventure as there is something utterly endearing about Ms. Clark. I listened to the audiobook of this novel and it rocked. I highly recommend it.
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- Barcelona, 56, Spain
Sat, 03 Feb 2018

Madre de Dios! Qué manera de escribir tiene esta mujer; aún estoy sufriendo. Y asimilando lo que queda detrás de las palabras. Sencillamente precioso! Un oda a la vida y al carpe díem...