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The Thinnest Air

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Published 01 Jul 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Thomas & Mercer

A woman’s disappearance exposes a life of secrets in a twisting novel of psychological suspense from the author of The Memory Watcher.
Meredith Price is the luckiest woman alive. Her husband, Andrew, is a charming and successful financial broker. She has two lovely stepchildren and is living in affluence in a mountain resort town. After three years of marriage, Meredith’s life has become predictable. Until the day she disappears.
Her car has been discovered in a grocery store parking lot—purse and phone undisturbed on the passenger seat, keys in the ignition, no sign of struggle, and no evidence of foul play. It’s as if she vanished into thin air.
It’s not like Meredith to simply abandon her loved ones. And no one in this town would have reason to harm her. When her desperate sister, Greer, arrives, she must face a disturbing question: What if no one really knows Meredith at all? For Greer, finding her sister isn’t going to be easy…because where she’s looking is going to get very, very dark.

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- The United States
Sat, 04 Aug 2018

4 Fast Paced Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟
This was a fast paced page turning psychological thriller that started with a bang and ended with a fizzle... I started this book with lowered expectations... five of my trusted book Besties read this before me, and I knew they were all disappointed.... and I want to thank all of them for lowering my expectations, because I think I enjoyed this book so much more because of that.... Truly for me up until about 82% this book was brilliant.... I thought my girls were being super unfair to this book as I quickly turned those pages to find out what the heck was going on! And then...... The reveal..... it was such a letdown and it happened really early... I spent the last 10% of this book waiting for the other shoe to drop and it is still dangling on my foot!
Meredith has gone missing... disappearing into thin air, leaving behind her purse and her phone.... did she run away or was she snatched? Why would she leave her seemingly happy marriage? And who would take her?
Loved how this story was revealed to us... we got Meredith’s perspective leading up to the kidnapping and Grier’s ( Meredith’s big sister) perspective after the kidnapping... Grier was a devoted big sister and was not going to stop until Meredith was found! Grier was my favorite character in this book strong, sassy, and determined.... we all need a sibling like her in our lives! Made me wonder what my brothers would do if I were to go missing? They would probably throw a party, LOL I always told my mom I wanted a sister... I’m sure she would be out looking for me unlike those brothers of mine! Let’s hope I never go missing! OK back to the book....
This was a well told story with plenty of suspects and secrets... and as things were slowly revealed Grier found out she did not know her little sister as well as she thought... also as things were revealed I became more and more suspicious of certain characters.... where this book fell short for me is in the ending it was just so vanilla... and I prefer Rocky Road!
I do recommend this book because it was really good up until the ending and, I think if you read it with the expectations of a lackluster ending you’ll enjoy it...Minka Kent has a very readable and smooth style about her writing making this a very quick read...
*** many thanks to Thomas & Mercer for my copy of this book ***

Mackenzie - Traveling Sister
- Elmhurst, IL
Sat, 16 Jun 2018

3.5 Stars!!!
I have heard the best things about Minka Kent from other book lovers, so I was beyond excited to read my first book by her, The Thinnest Air! It was a fast-paced thriller that was hard to put down! Kent is an incredible writer, and I really enjoyed the central characters in this book. This was a buddy read with Kendall and Holly, and we all had different theories about what was really going on throughout the book—and none of us were correct!
About the Book
Meredith Price has a gorgeous, rich husband, two high maintenance step kids, and a dream home in the mountains. But what she doesn’t have are friends. Meredith comes from a different world than the other wives—she’s nearly a decade younger, didn’t come from money, and not accustomed to the social scene they circulate in. But Meredith loves her husband, and she is so grateful for how kind and attentive he is.
And then one day, Meredith goes missing…
Her car is found outside the grocery store with her keys, purse, and cell phone still inside and the door wide open. Where is Meredith? As the police begin an intensive search, the gossip mills start to churn. Why would a women who is happy in her life disappear? Was she taken? Did she run? Or is something more sinister going on?
Meredith’s sister Greer knows something is wrong…
When the police don’t find anything after 24 hours, Greer knows that all is not as it seems with her sister’s disappearance. Why haven’t the police been interviewing the neighbors and friends of Meredith? Why does her husband seem so calm? As Greer begins to look deeper into her sister’s life, she realizes that Meredith kept many secrets. And one of them may be the key to finding her…
The book is told from two points of view—Meredith’s story about meeting her husband Andrew, their marriage, and ultimately up to the day of her disappearance, and Greer’s story starting the day Meredith disappears. I always find this works well, because we got a lot of Greer in the past through Meredith’s story, and learned more about what Meredith may have shared or not shared through Greer.
Greer is definitely the breakout star of this book! She was sassy and loving—tough on the outside but tender underneath. She is also an incredibly awesome big sister. I think we would all be glad to have a big sister like her! Hearing about how she felt more like a mother to Meredith than their own mother was so touching. Greer and Meredith have an incredible bond that was apparent even through the difficult times.
And there were some other characters that were fun additions! The boyishly-handsome detective, Ronan, the mysterious, sarcastic ex to Greer, Harris, the thin and retouched ex-wife, Erica, the bratty step kids, Isabeau and Calder (those names!!!), and the reserved best friend, Allison. Many of these characters were a bit clichéd, such as the ex- and the step kids, but I think that is because it was told from Meredith’s perspective. She feels like an outsider still in this pampered world, so I don’t know that she was able to see the depth to those individuals who shunned her.
I mentioned earlier that the big twist really did get me! I do wish that there had been a bit more substance to the fallout of the twist at the end. Things were tied up all neat-and-tidy, which I think will appeal to some readers. I like a bit of mess with my thrillers, and that feeling of “what just happened??”
I am looking forward to reading more from Minka Kent!
Thank you to NetGalley, Thomas & Mercer, and Minka Kent for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

- Moscow, ID
Fri, 13 Jul 2018

**5 Goodreads Stars**
Newlywed Meredith Price seems to have it all: a sprawling mansion in a highly desirable mountain resort community; an older, but insatiably attractive husband whose wealth knows no end; and any and everything that money can buy.
But Meredith's infatuation with her husband and the lavish lifestyle he lives begins to dissipate when the reality of marriage sets in.
There's the obnoxious, spoiled stepchildren Meredith has to entertain, children who resent her for breaking up their parents' marriage. There are the cliquish older women in the neighborhood who gossip about her and her husband, Andrew, and who think she is just the newest flavor of the month for him. And then there's Andrew, whose behavior as of recent seems to confirm the neighbors' speculation that Meredith is just a new plaything for him to admire until he tires of her and moves on to a younger version of her.
Meredith feels as though there is so much more to life than wealth and comfort. Meredith starts to feel trapped by Andrew, who expects her to play house and keep up appearances for the neighbors. Bored with the life foisted upon her, Meredith ventures outside of her home, enrolling in self-defense classes taught by a local detective. Soon, she finds her heart straying from Andrew and becomes entangled in several relationships, one of which may lead to her demise.
When Meredith goes missing, her sister, Greer, must face some hard truths about her baby sister. Greer learns that her sister and family members kept secrets, some of which may provide clues as to what happened to Meredith. Did Meredith take off and abandon everyone for a reason? Is she safe, or in serious danger? Did Meredith's husband find out about her infidelities and harm her? Or is something else going on? 
This book is a heart-pounding page-turner perfect for the beach or vacation. I liked how the narrative switched between Meredith and Greer, which gave the reader insight into how two very different people can have different versions of the "truth." I highly recommend this book to fans of suspense and psychological thrillers.
Thank you to the author, Minka Kent, the publisher, Thomas & Mercer, and NetGalley for an advanced reader copy of The Thinnest Air.
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Tue, 03 Jul 2018

I’ve had a rough start with Kindle Firsts. It’s a great concept- prime members getting access to books FOR FREE about a month before their scheduled release date. I dig it. I dig free books. But the first few I tried that sounded awesome were complete garbage. I stopped looking at the emails that told me they were available for a few months. But July’s picks sounded promising, so I took a chance.
When 20-something Meredith gets married to a man almost 3x her age, she thinks she’s got it made. He’s rich beyond comprehension, successful and charming. But the best part? They’re actually in love. He makes her feel like she’s the only girl in the room. Despite the protests of her friends and family she marries Andrew Price and moves away to Neverneverland wherever the fuck rich people take their teenage brides to live a nice cushy life. And you guessed it, folks! She descends from the long line of female characters of that Bejeweled Vagina Variety!
One day Meredith’s car is found in the parking lot of the local grocery store. The door is wide open. Her purse, cell phone and probably Starbucks Frappuccino are all still in the vehicle. *gasp* She’s nowhere to be found. There’s no sign of foul-play. There’s no sign of anything. It’s as if she’s vanished…you guessed it, into thin air. The Thinnest Air ever…most likely because of her perfect thin body the air would have to be the thinnest ever. *rolls eyes*
Her sister Greer plays detective. She’s ruthless and tough. But not in the kick ass way you want her to be, but in the annoying way that isn’t done well. You can’t help but roll your eyes at everything she says and does because it’s ridiculously cheesy and overdone. Not to mention, what the fuck kind of name is Greer? You name one daughter Meredith and the other one Greer? What’s that about?
There are two suspects here. The older husband who may or may not be a total psycho and the local detective who may or may not have had a little side action going on with Little Miss SpreadsHerLegs.
Things I liked: Split narration between Meredith and Greer. Meredith’s POV was counting down to the time of her disappearance- 26 months ago, 23 months ago etc. While Greer’s POV counts up-Day one, day two etc. It made for a very suspenseful and exciting read. Which leads me to my next point. Right when you think you’ve got it figured out, it changes gears and makes you think something else. Most of the time I had a hard time putting it down.
Things that annoyed the ever-living fuck out of me: Meredith and her bejeweled vagina. “My husband who’s old enough to be my grandfather just doesn’t understand me.”- 3 days into her marriage. Spreads her legs for the first guy to look at her. The CONSTANT reminder that she is thin and therefor the most perfect and beautiful young woman to ever walk the face of the planet. Because we all now that being fat in a woman is the worst trait ever. Not being shallow and marrying a man 3x our age for his wealth. Oh wait. They LOVE each other. SO MUCH. *rolls eyes* Greer’s character started out interesting and then became a cliché of BIG BAD OLDER SISTER WHO IS SO TOUGH SHE ONCE FOUGHT OFF 6 MUGGERS. OHMYFUCKINGGODSHOOTMEINTHEFACEPLEASE.
But the real kicker? The fucking ending. I don’t think I’ve thrown up this much from disgust at the end of a book since Gone Girl. Fucking gross.
So, while there was a fair amount of this book that I truly enjoyed, there was some serious shit that I just couldn’t get over. Pick it up at your own risk.

- Bicester, The United Kingdom
Sat, 14 Jul 2018

I recently purchased and read “The Memory Watcher” by this author and it was just the type of psychological thriller I love. Addictive, twisty and with divisive well drawn characters.
So I was interested to see if Minka Kent could do that again and the answer is, yes indeed she can. The Thinnest Air is a fast paced page turner told from the alternating points of view of two sisters – One missing, one searching. A clever and unpredictable mystery element, together with the intriguing sibling relationship these two share gave this story a lot of heart and soul.
Minka Kent writes layers well, your  perception of the characters changes and whilst she doesn’t give you too many suspects they all ebb and flow as the story goes, you are not sure what the truth is until the reveal.
I read this in one sitting, spending a couple of hours in the company of Meredith and Greer and it was an excellent read first page to last.

Sun, 21 Jan 2018

Minka Kent is one of those authors who I think I’ll always follow closely based solely on the fact that she writes highly addictive and entertaining stories that I’m able to devour in a few hours. I’m always hooked within the first few pages and find her books to be incredibly hard for me to put down, what’s better than that?! While the bulk of this one was fantastic the ending was lackluster and left me wanting more making this my least favorite of hers to date.
The premise is nothing new, a woman vanishes without a trace leaving absolutely no clues behind, but what held my attention was the structure and the sheer number of possible outcomes that could have happened. It’s told from sisters Greer and Meredith’s point of view, Greer’s chapters begins the day her sister goes missing and Meredith’s thirty six months prior until the timelines collide. I’m a huge fan of Kent’s writing style, it’s fluid and fast paced, there’s something slick about the way she weaves a tale, there’s no denying she’s talented.
The whole time I was reading I kept imagining some crazy theories that may come to fruition but when everything was revealed I was disappointed. It wasn’t the actual reveal itself that was a let down but rather the resolution felt rushed and I felt like I still had SO many questions that were left unanswered. I did find a few aspects to be predictable as well which is never great, but really the lingering questions bothered me the most in the end. Again, Kent is an author I’m still firmly standing beside, this just wasn’t her best in my opinion but I’ll still be reading her next book no matter what!