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Bishop (Arizona Vengeance, #1)

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Published 14 Aug 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Loveswept

Meet the Arizona Vengeance, hockey’s hottest new team. They’re burning up the ice—until a one-night-stand with the coach’s daughter freezes one player in his skates.
Bishop Scott, co-captain. Not too shabby, huh? It’s all part of my fresh start with the NHL’s latest expansion team, and that means new teammates, a new coach, a new city, and a big new contract. Basically, I cannot f***ing wait to show my old squad what they’re missing.
But first, I decide to check out the town before the grind begins. Turns out Arizona chicks are totally smokin’, and I’m fortunate enough to meet one who’s looking for the same thing I am: a night of anonymous, unforgettable, no-strings-attached sex.
Fast forward to the Vengeance arena. It’s the last place I expect to see her again—let alone in her own office. Then bells go off and I finally realize who this girl is: Brooke Perron. My new coach’s daughter. All of a sudden, we’re picking up right where we left off, which means our hands are all over each other. That’s when her dad—my boss—walks in. And before I can get a word out, Brooke’s introducing me as her fiancé.
Sure, she just saved my ass. So why do I get the feeling Brooke’s going to turn my world upside down? Maybe it’s because this fake relationship feels way too real. . . .
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"Bishop (Arizona Vengeance, #1)" Reviews

- Indian Trail, NC
Tue, 19 Jun 2018

2 1/2 stars. I feel like there is an off-putting pattern in the last few Bennett books that I have read. The heroes are all crude pigs. I think they're supposed to be Alpha but instead, they come across to me as crass a$$holes. Take Bishop for instance. He goes along with Brooke's lie to her father, which basically is supposed to be to protect him, and then pretty much TELLS her they will be having sex while maintaining said lie. His internal dialogue made me feel like he wasn't even going to give her a choice. I think that ever since the Wicked Horse books, her hockey books have veered off a little too far into raunchy for me. Not very scintillating at all. I find myself wrinkling my nose while reading them. And that makes me sad.
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- The United States
Thu, 02 Aug 2018

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- Maryland Heights, MO
Sat, 09 Jun 2018

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This one was a winner! It didn't take much to get me excited about this book. Once I saw Sawyer Bennett's name on the cover and saw that it was about a hockey player, I knew that I had to read it. The fact that it is the first book in a new series is even better. I have really enjoyed the Cold Fury Hockey series but I was looking forward to meeting a new group of characters. I ended up having such a good time with Bishop!
Bishop has been added to the new expansion team, the Arizona Vengeance, and is new in town. The whole team has just been put together and he is excited to see how things will work out. He goes out to a local bar the night before his first team meeting and meets Brooke. The two end up spending one very steamy night together. Turns out Brooke is the coach's daughter and an employee of the team and things are not as simple as they thought it was going to be. When Brooke tells her father they are engaged, Bishop doesn't know what to think.
I don't always spend a lot of time reading book descriptions so I had no idea that this book was going to have a fake relationship. I love the fake relationship trope lately so I was really excited to see it play out in this book. These two had such great chemistry with each other so it was really no hardship for them to have to spend a little bit of extra time with each other. This fake relationship started looking pretty real to me rather quickly.
I really liked the characters. Bishop and Brooke were both new in town, having moved to Arizona to be a part of the new team. Brooke is dealing with a few more changes in her life since her new job isn't really what she wants to do long term but she feels like she needs to be there for her dad. Bishop wasn't really all that thrilled to have to move to the expansion team but he wants to make the most of it. There were a few of Bishop's teammates that played a pretty big role in the story and I really liked what they added as well. There was one character that was really hard to like in this book but it was kind of fun to see all the crazy things she was doing.
I would recommend this book to others. I had a great time with this romance and found it to be the perfect blend of great characters, steamy scenes, and heartfelt moments. I cannot wait to read more of this series by Sawyer Bennett!
I received a digital review copy of this book from Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via NetGalley.
Initial Thoughts
This was a winner! I really didn't read the blurb for this one since I knew that I wouldn't want to pass up a Sawyer Bennett book about a hockey player. I love the fake relationship trope so this book worked really well for me. Bishop and Brooke were both great characters and I had a blast watching them fall for each other. The character causing all of the trouble in this book was so over the top that it was kind of fun to see what she would do next.

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- Lawrence Township, NJ
Sun, 11 Mar 2018

*****FOUR STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}
I know they say love and romance hit you when you’re least expecting it, but I can tell you it knocked into me with the force of a hurricane, because I truly, honest to God, deep down in my heart, wasn’t looking for this with him.
I love a good sports romance with a rugged and sexy Hockey player, and Sawyer Bennett’s ”Cold Fury” series is on the list of my favorites. She knows she’s got a good thing going so I have to give her kudos for creating another Hockey series but with a new team. BISHOP is the first installment of the Arizona Vengeance series. The Arizona Vengeance is a new expansion team based out of Phoenix, AZ. Bishop Scott is the first player we meet and his story is off the charts, SMOKING HOT!!
This is another one of those stories that starts off with a wild one-night stand that was never meant to be anything more. But the Hero's one-night stand turns out to be the coach's daughter and circumstances force them to be in a "fake" relationship.
At first, I thought the plot was predictable but as the story progresses a character gets thrown in that will wreak havoc for the couple and even for the Vengeance. I didn’t exactly feel the connection between the main characters, but they made up for it with their sexual chemistry.
Overall, the plot was interesting and I did find myself enjoying it. I’d say this series is off to a good start. We meet quite a few of the players and it’s the player that has been broken by personal tragedy, who I am most anxious to read about. I hope the wait isn’t too long for his book!
Here are my overall ratings
Hero: 4
Heroine: 4
Plot: 4
Angst: 4
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5
BISHOP releases on August 14th.
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Wed, 27 Jun 2018

"No matter what led us to this moment, right now I'm yours."

Bishop is the first book in the Arizona Vengeance Series. Sawyer Bennett is back with more hockey action. The Arizona Vengeance Team offers a new cast of characters to explore. Bishop Scott is thrilled to have been picked up by the Vengeance and doesn't waste any time getting acclimated to the nightlife of his new city. After a hot one night stand, he is completely dumbstruck when he discovers that one of the sexiest nights of his life was spent with his new coach's daughter. Brooke is a new transplant to Arizona. After giving up her career in NYC in order to help her father, she never expected to be swept off her feet by one of her father's star players. When Brooke's Dad discovers Bishop and his daughter lip locked in her office, Brooke convinces her dad that she and Bishop are engaged. With a fake engagement, hot hockey action, and passion, Bishop offers a smoking hot hockey romance that you will not want to miss!
"My mouth opens wide to come down on Brooke's pussy. I give it a full, wet kiss before giving her what I promised, and that's my tongue shoved in as deeply as I can."
Told in dual POV, Bishop is a fast-paced romance with complex characters and a tender plot. Although the premise of their relationship seems to be completely unbelievable, it actually makes perfect sense. Brooke is completely committed to keeping her father emotionally stabilized and ensuring a successful start of the season. The passion between Bishop and Brooke is explosive and as soon as they recognize their relationship is anything but fake, they will do whatever it takes to find their HEA! With plenty of drama and support from the supporting characters, this first read in the Arizona Vengeance ushers in a brand new team with an electrifying cast of characters!
Overall, I highly recommend anything and everything written by Sawyer Bennett. With unforgettable characters and an invigorating plot, Bishop is sure to get your blood pumping. November cannot come soon enough. I cannot wait for Erik and more Arizona Vengeance.
***Arizona Vengeance***
*ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review!
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Mindy Lou's Book Review
Tue, 07 Aug 2018

I'm so excited that we have a new hockey series to look forward to from Sawyer Bennett. I adored Bishop. Maybe not at first, but the more time he spent with Brooke the more I loved how he treated her. For having a fake relationship, he was a great boyfriend to her.
So many times you see sports players equals tons of other women drama. While we do have that, I didn't mind it at all. In fact, I'm glad it was there because Bishops reactions to it was exactly what I want to see happen when faced with a woman trying to interfere. It's one of the biggest reasons I loved Bishop.
Brooke was a very sweet and mature heroine despite her silly reaction to her father catching her with Bishop. There were a few times she could have reacted badly and instead was calm and mature.
This ended up being a fun read. I am a little worried about Erik's story next. He came off as a major player in this book. It will be interesting to see where the author takes his story.