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The Ornament Keeper

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Published 24 9 2018
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Format Paperback
Publisher New Hope Publishers (AL)
ISBN 1563090899

Award-winning author Eva Marie Everson wraps up a Christmas story of hope, love, and forgiveness just in time for the holidays. The Ornament Keeper, a contemporary Christmas novella, features Felicia and Jackson Morgan who are spending their first Christmas apart after twenty years of marriage. But a lifetime of gifted ornaments helps Felicia piece together the story of their marriage and the one mistake of unforgiveness she made before they said, "I do." Can these memory-filled ornaments reunite this family before Christmas? Only time will tell.

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Sun, 16 Sep 2018

4.5 Stars
THE ORNAMENT KEEPER is so much more than a sweet historical romance. It's a heartfelt story of lost dreams, second chances and redemption. It's the story of learning to accept imperfections and past mistakes in order to begin healing. Between the Christmas small-town setting, the strong family dynamic, and sweet romance, readers are sure to fall in love with this story.
I was expecting this to be a short and sweet story, especially at novella length, but what I found was a deeply emotional story of this couple's history and current situation where they find themselves separated. I loved the genuine characters from the start, although I would have loved to get a better view of Jackson. Felicia is a strong character who is lost and has let something that happened years ago blind her to what she has in her marriage and with Jackson. I appreciated that no one spelled it out for her. She had to figure things out on her own. It's heartbreaking and emotional, bringing me to tears in a few places. I could see how both her and Jackson had created issues in their marriage until they were no longer partners. I loved how she finally figured out what her issues were and faced them. I did want more from Jackson's end as he played his own role in the fallout and I felt that was somewhat unresolved, but otherwise it was a satisfying, and perfectly sweet, ending.
In the end, was it what I wished for? A thoroughly enjoyable story of heartbreak, love, and forgiveness that inspirational romance readers will love. I certainly did.
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Anas Attic
- The United States
Tue, 04 Dec 2018

I tried twice. At first it was too slow and sad. Then I read reviews that convinced me to try again and it became too religious for me. I love Christmas stories, but not very religious ones. It didn't have the Christmas Romance feel I was looking for.

Mon, 27 Aug 2018

This story begins with Felicia and her children discussing the up-coming holiday season. Felicia didn’t want to put up a Christmas tree this year because her husband Jackson had moved out of their home 6 months ago. She wasn’t feeling very festive, but her children Sara, Travis and Hank step up for the occasion. The kids would go to Steadman’s Christmas Tree Farm to get the tree (like they’d always done) and help get the house ready for Christmas.
Felicia tells her children she’d take care of the ornaments. As she puts an ornament on the tree she day dreams about the time each ornament was purchased and what it signified. Readers experience events the ornaments celebrated.
The Ornament Keeper is a book that will not only prepare your heart for the Christmas season but will give you encouragement as the author’s characters take a closer look at Mary and Joseph’s story and all that happened to them as they awaited Jesus’s arrival. Just like this young couple who didn’t have an easy time in the beginning, main characters Felicia and Jackson had a hard beginning too; for other reasons. This is a sweet love story that celebrates family, Christmas memories, gives hope and talks about forgiveness, as there is a powerful realization and growth experienced by both main characters that will choke you up and have you cheering for them. This small book packs a powerful punch as it celebrates family, fun and Christmas.
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Suzie Waltner
- The United States
Thu, 16 Aug 2018

Sometimes it takes years to figure out the truth. Sometimes that truth is kept hidden (even from ourselves) deep within, under piles of memories, arguments, and resentment.
In The Ornament Keeper, the journey to healing comes through unpacking twenty plus years of memories in the form of Christmas ornaments, one given each year to commemorate an event.
I love a good Christmas story, and The Ornament Keeper comes complete with self-discovery, forgiveness, and a small Christmas miracle. And it ends with the absolute perfect gift.
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- Pensacola, FL
Mon, 27 Aug 2018

Eva Marie Everson has penned an exquisite tale of how unresolved emotions and lost dreams can harm a marriage. I love how she weaves the tradition of the annual Christmas ornament into the journey toward forgiveness and resolution. Absolutely a joy to read!
This would make an excellent Hallmark movie! There's only one thing I found disappointing--it was too short!
You'll enjoy this book, I guarantee it!

- Tomball, TX
Wed, 19 Sep 2018

This is one of the classiest, emotional and pivotal books about Christmas and family I have ever read. It drips with poignant moments that caught me off guard. We all have been there at times in our marriage where we become unhappy but don't quite know why. Our lives seem happy with healthy children, a lovely home and a marriage that has endured loss and triumph, but we feel empty inside.
I adored the significance of the ornaments in the story. It told in compassionate detail every important moment shared between Felicia and Jackson as they married and raised a family. There is a point in the story that made time stop for a minute. Felicia senses she is unhappy but blames everything else but the real reason she is sad. Maybe it was the realization that she hadn't forgiven herself for something that happened in their past. Does she blame Jackson for not allowing her to pursue her dreams?
On this Christmas of 2018 everything has changed in the family. Christmas was always special because Jackson gave a special gift to his wife every year that spoke to their hearts. Will it happen this year? How did they drift apart? The story is of two people trying to find their way back to each other and along the way experience Christmas like never before. The reference to Mary and Joseph in the story is very significant and it brings deep feelings to Felicia. I cried throughout the book as it really hit home for me.
It has been so hard all these years for me to enjoy the holidays. My childhood was filled with violence and abuse. Christmastime was the worst because I never once received a present my entire childhood. My brothers were blessed with gifts but I had to sit and watch them open them. When I became a mother I did everything I could to make sure that my children had a good Christmas. I put on a good front, but inside I cried for that little girl who wanted a doll and stuffed animal so bad. Over the years I gradually have begun to forgive my parents. What spoke to me the most in this book is two things. The first was how Felicia forgot to forgive herself. That was so powerful and something we often overlook. Thank you for reminding me that I still need to work on that myself. The second thing is how blessed I am to have a man who has stood by me all these years and showed nothing but unconditional love. Felicia didn't understand what she had in Jackson until it was almost too late. I loved when Jackson told Felicia, "I've been in love with you since high school." Jackson and Felicia have each realized they need to work on their marriage and communicate. Will they be able to safe their marriage? Can they remember those special moments at Christmas that are shared with a small gift so precious it reaches into their soul and brings hope? Jealousy and trying to get approval from your parents can stay with you for a long time. Will Felicia and Jackson be able to accept that God is proud of them?
This story will need to be read with tissues handy as you read about a family that goes through trials and leaves you with hope, and a feeling of God's love as He wraps His arms around you. He reminds us that we should treasure our memories and love each other like he loves us.
"The wounds of unforgiveness are not healed at once, but by the proper application of love and time."
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