How to Fall in Love Again: Kitty's Story  (One Love, Two Stories, #3) Book Pdf ePub

How to Fall in Love Again: Kitty's Story (One Love, Two Stories, #3)

4.40556 votes • 49 reviews
Published 01 Dec 2018
How to Fall in Love Again: Kitty's Story (One Love, Two Stories, #3).pdf
Format Hardcover
Publisher Head of Zeus
ISBN 1788542142

Kitty Montrose lives an idyllic life in the Scottish Highlands. An adored only child, she swims in the Italianate pool of their ancestral home and delights in the closeness she shares with her horse-riding mother and her beloved dad. As a young teen, the perfection of her world is shattered when her mom is diagnosed with severe clinical depression. The illness takes up residence in their home like a dark monster lurking in every corner. Kitty finds solace and escape in the arms and bed of her friend Angus. Soon they are married, with a baby on the way. But what happens when Angus turns cold and unfeeling? Kitty needs a knight in shining armour. Can her old flame, Theo Montgomery, help her to discover her perfect life? Or is it too late for them both?

"How to Fall in Love Again: Kitty's Story (One Love, Two Stories, #3)" Reviews

Fri, 27 Jul 2018

After surfacing from the book hangover of both Anna and Theo, I was thrilled to find out there was a third book, that linked to their story; that of Kitty.
Amanda Prowse has a way of telling the story from different perspectives, which makes you see a situation in totally separate lights. I was hooked from start to finish, and it was exciting to read parts of the entwined story which you remembered so clearly from the previous books, yet, they were written in a way that added another dimension to the knowledge you already had.
I rooted for Anna through her story, I wanted to champion Theo through his ups and downs, and I cried for Kitty, and cheered for her happy ending!
I shan't give anything away (no one wants spoilers!) but suffice to say, Kitty's story kept me gripped!
Even though I have been busy nursing my unwell father, this book was unputdownable! (don't worry, no fathers were neglected during the reading of this book!)
How To Fall In Love Again (Kitty's Story) can be enjoyed as a stand-alone, but personally, I recommend reading all three - it just adds to the experience!

- London, H9, The United Kingdom
Fri, 28 Dec 2018

What began with Anna and Theo’s stories , continues with Kittie’s story.
Whilst this can be read as a stand-alone book, to really understand the nuances of the story you need to read Anna and Theo’s stories too. The stories are told from different perspectives but intertwined together to form an overall narrative.
Anna lives an idyllic existence in Scotland on her parent’s estate with her beloved parents. Unfortunately her mother becomes clinically depressed and Kitty is sent off to boarding school. It is there she meets Theo her best friend at school. Her cousins also bring home from school their friend Angus who steals her heart, and her virginity! When she and Angus decide to marry, Angus doesn’t seem to be as excited as Kitty would like. After Kitty reacts impulsively after a drunken evening out with Theo, things become very strained for Kitty and Angus. Angus, Kitty and Theo find their lives forever entwined.
Kitty’s story is one of great happiness, great sadness, and the trust that things can work out for the best even in the bleakest times. Highly recommended.

Sat, 27 Oct 2018

What a fitting end to a wonderful trilogy! I have loved and devoured every single word of this trilogy and this could possible be my favourite of the three books.
To really enjoy this book read the other two books first - Anna and then Theo.
Five big fat shiny stars and highly recommended!

Sat, 12 May 2018

To write basically the same story across three different books but from different points of view, while avoiding mass repetition, is such a fabulous concept and I think Amanda Prowse has pulled it off brilliantly! I enjoyed learning more about Kitty’s character and found I had far more empathy for her than when reading either Anna or Theo. A great book to end this series!

- Manchester, I2, The United Kingdom
Sun, 12 Aug 2018

I read this reluctantly. After loving Anna and Theo and their stories, I didn’t want Kitty coming in and changing my view! I was however quietly delighted. Kitty’s story gives another dimension to Anna & Theo’s story and gives a great background into her life. Without giving anything away, The end of the book (and at several places before) I was reduced to a snivelling mess in the nicest of ways! Mrs Prowse again weaves her magic of storytelling to bring us no less than three books which all intertwine!

- Attard, 00, Malta
Mon, 13 Aug 2018

I enjoyed every minute of the book. I loved the way it all developed over a whole lifetime. I got to know the characters from their childhood till they became elderly..... and because I got to know them so well, I experienced all their losses and also all their happiness. Great read.

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