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Down Beat (Dark Tide, #1)

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Published 18 May 2018
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Some call him a rock god.
Others a celebrity bad boy.
Me? I call him the arrogant bastard who stole my concert venue.
His apology? To take me and my violin on tour with the band.
It’s an offer I can’t refuse, even if it does come with strings attached.
Because Rey Thomas isn’t who he seems.
Life isn’t pretty behind the deviant frontman’s facade.
It’s raw, ugly, and at times downright painful.
But it’s real.
And far better than the lie he presents to the world.
The man behind the face of Dark Tide is beautiful in his chaos.
All I have to do is keep him alive long enough to see that too.
Nobody ever said loving a rock star would be easy.

"Down Beat (Dark Tide, #1)" Reviews

- Australia
Fri, 11 May 2018

This book blew me away.
I was drawn to this book because I love a good rocker with an attitude and went into it knowing the topic it covered. I did not expect the book I got. Down Beat is so much more than its genre or its topic.
It's an exquisite journey through love and hate, hope and despair.
It's about characters who showed me their heart and soul, layer by painful layer.
It's about a man with flaws that most wouldn't survive.
And a woman who loved him regardless.
I laughed.
I got mad.
I held my breath with hope.
I cheered them on and rooted for Rey so damn hard.
And I cried. I ugly cried.
I never ugly cry. Max made me cry by laying Rey out and revealing his beautiful, damaged soul to me. She didn't need death or shock or any of that stuff some books rely on to make us feel... She simply wrote the hell out of a story that is real life for so many. She gave me new eyes. You see, I've seen mental illness through the same eyes as Rey's mother. Max has now given me the gift of seeing it through Rey's eyes.
If you love books that draw you in from the very first page with characters that come to life in ways that make you feel like you really know them, and books that dig their way deep into your heart and don't let go, this is the book for you. Even if you don't really read rockstar books, this is the book for you.
Thank you, Max, for giving me such a beautiful story.

- Wagga Wagga, Australia
Sat, 12 May 2018

It's not often that I read the work of a friend.
I'm a harsh critic, which can make for an uncomfortable situation.
And Max is a friend.
She's an awesomely close friend who I speak to daily. So yes, this review could be considered biased but I'm not writing it as a reader to another potential reader. I'm writing as an author to my author friend.
I'm writing because I've been moved by this book. My foundation has been rocked, my soul has been touched, and my emotional heartstrings have been plucked over and over.
I LOVED this book.
Every chapter.
Every page.
Every word.
This book touches on hard topics that authors don't normally dare to dabble in. It delves into depression and bipolar. It's deep, it's gritty, yet there's contrasting humor and sarcasm.
It's a kaleidoscope - there's light in the darkness and happiness in the sorrow. There's raw emotion and sexual intensity.
It's the perfect mix of turmoil and brilliance, with a heartfelt message so intricately woven within the pages that I'm just flawed by Max's mastery.
I can't recommend this book enough and I hope everyone reading this will check it out.
Read the blurb.
Download the preview.
Then buy the damn book.
You won't regret it.

- Australia
Tue, 22 May 2018

Max Freaking Henry, girl…just…no words…. JOKING! I’m an author, I’ve always got words.
Firstly, I applaud any author brave enough to take a sensitive subject, like mental illness, and be real with it. That’s exactly what Max delivered with Down Beat. She didn’t shy away from the hard truths, she breathed real, raw, gritty, flawed emotions into these characters. Max showed the world just how much of a battle mental illness can be, and she did it with such class and respect. Down Beat will take you on a journey of life, but not everyone lives this kind of life and those who don’t live it, generally don’t get it. Rey and Tabitha’s story will open your eyes and your heart. It will leave you breathless, it will leave you ugly crying, it will leave you swooning, to put it quite simply, it will leave you feeling. Five big, beautiful, sparkling stars!

 Lynsey Goddard
- Reading, RG, The United Kingdom
Tue, 25 Sep 2018

A real roller-coaster of emotions, raw, edgy and honest, not your usual feel good romance, but a bitter sweet love story.
"It's okay to say your not okay" ❤️

- Portland, OR
Fri, 25 May 2018

I loved it, I really did. This would be a perfect 5 for me if not for a couple of rather banal things. 1) This work is highly personal, you can tell, to great effect, but unfortunately our American characters don't sound all together American. They sound British, or Australian, or like New Zealanders, just by the way they word things. It took me out of the action occasionally.
and 2) I'm a bit of a music snob and some of the choices for the begining of the chapters took me out of it. Papa Roach? Not for me. This one is more a stupid personal thing on my end, but again it made me break immersion with the book.
Anyway, if you can get past the triggers, which I did, but heed them, this really is a moving novel.

Wed, 09 May 2018

Rey holds no punches, “eff, kitty.” I wrap a hand around the back of her head and pull her in for a better kiss, a more heated kiss. The kind that tells her I really like her too. “You make me feel like a h**ny effing teenager all over again: awkward and a little bit insane.” There are times I think Tabby and Rey's 'open book' have different meanings, "...I catch a glimpse of his naked butt in the mirror when he steps in the shower. “I’m being an open book, kitty,” he calls back. “That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?” I really liked this book, Rey took us on an emotional journey.