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Giant Days, Vol. 9 (Giant Days #9)

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Published 01 Jan 1970
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"Giant Days, Vol. 9 (Giant Days #9)" Reviews

- Bristol, The United Kingdom
Fri, 11 May 2018

As summer arrives, Sheffield University breaks up and, after two years, so do our three studenteers! Susan and Daisy are swanning off to live with their beloveds leaving poor single Esther all alone – who will take her in? Enter: lovesick Ed Gemmell, secretly pining for the goth princess this whole time, who may have the answer: his place! Will he have the guts to suggest it? Bah, who needs guts when you’ve got booze! Except a near-deadly night on the lash threatens to thwart the carefully laid plans of micemen!
Giant Days is my dependably good comics rock. And yet… I’m slightly fallen of crest to say that Volume 9 is the first book in the series I haven’t totally loved as much as Ed does Esther. I still enjoyed it a lot but usually I get that weird, fuzzy sensation of joy at reading transcendence itself and this time something was missing.
I suspect ‘twas the unsatisfying way writer John Allison looked like he was finally addressing Esther/Ed’s will they/won’t they relationship only to quickly back away from barely developing it – you teaseth too much, Mr Allison! And, because that takes up much of the book, there’s not a whole lot else happening, so that could be why it feels oddly insubstantial.
Volume 9 is still pretty tops though. Ed’s face when Esther half-jokingly suggested they live together was the funniest thing I’ve seen all year! I loved the visuals of the student vultures lusting after the girls’ former house and Ed hallucinating living with Dean for another year – artist Max Sarin absolutely kills it with the art as per ush.
An Esther-Mite materialises temporarily in the form of Lottie, the little sister of one of Esther’s mates, prompting Susan and Daisy to don their auntie hats and endure her painful kiddie truth bombs. I get the feeling that Lottie is a carryover from Allison’s other series, Bad Machinery, though I only read the first book of that title – it wasn’t for me – so I can’t say for sure. Esther and Ed’s pub crawl was great, as was the reveal of their secret origins, and Daisy continues to grow beautifully as a character. Allison’s writing sparkles with dry wit and genial humour and Sarin’s art is perfection, page after page - they is absolutely one of the finest creative teams in all of comicsdom eva!
Giant Days, Volume 9 surprisingly isn’t the home-run I’ve come to expect from this series though it’s another delightfully charming read. Nine books in and Giant Days remains a quality title but it might be starting to flag.

- Gijón, 34, Spain
Tue, 25 Sep 2018

Ohhh. I love these girls so much, more and more in each installment if that is possible. I've grown fond of them since volume 1. Esther,Daisy and Susan are growing up and it is a pleasure to accompany them in the path to adulthood. Sometimes they crack me up, sometimes I see myself reflected :) but I just want to protect them (and poor sweet Ed too)all the time...The only one who I find overconfident enough is McGraw. This is the end of their second year, a lot of things have changed and a lot more are waiting for them. I don't want Giant Days to be over.

- The United States
Sat, 29 Sep 2018

Another great volume in this series. Lots of changes for the group in this one and I'm definitely excited to see how next year is going to go after all the events here. Also, and I KNOW this is horrible, but Esther's story about her teacher reminds me of the math teacher we terrorized in 6th grade until she left our school literally 3/4ths of the way through her FIRST YEAR of teaching. Yeah, not proud of that as an adult but as a 12 year old who hated math it seemed pretty great -_-;

- Wickford, The United Kingdom
Thu, 14 Feb 2019

You know the drill by now. This series can do no wrong. It's hilarious, genuine, and the most accurate portrayal of the peculiar experience that is English University that I've ever seen. The characters are wonderful, the artwork is great (even with some guest artists this time around), and somehow we keep finding more and more insane situations that the girls fit seamlessly into.
This volume features the ill-fated romance of Esther and Ed Gemmell (which ends in hospital), the search for Third Year Housing (TM), and the Rise and Fall (but mostly fall) of Daisy and Ingrid.
Go. Read. Be free. Thank me later.

- Louisville, KY
Fri, 22 Feb 2019

Totally read this the first moment I could, all in one sitting. In the last volume, Esther, Susan, and Daisy were facing the prospect of no longer living with each other, and this volume explores that more fully. As a diehard introvert, I related to Esther's problem of trying to find new roommates! This issue was a little short on laughs for me, but the art was stunning as usual. Very happy to see how Daisy and Ingrid ended up, and that a 10-year-old absolutely nailed Ingrid in one sentence.
Frankly, it seems like the characters are maturing, and that makes me a little sad.

Sun, 30 Sep 2018

3.5 Stars

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