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4.35250 votes • 88 reviews
Published 12 Feb 2019
Format Paperback
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 1635553180

Former child music prodigy Lily Croft spends most days in her home office crunching numbers and analyzing data as an actuary. Once she filled concert halls across the world, until the pressure got too much and forced her retreat. When her boss hands her a temporary assignment, Lily has to leave the safety of working from home to work with people at an office. She keeps her head down and stays focused, but one night on her way to the train station, she hears music wafting from The Leading Note and the life and feelings she suppressed for over a decade bubble up to the surface.
Lily is inexplicably drawn to Hope D’Marco, Leading Note’s gorgeous and brilliant founder. But falling for Hope and re-exploring her passion for music force Lily to face her past. Will she go back into hiding, or have the courage to confront the consequences of her past and present colliding?

"Listen" Reviews

- Valencia, Spain
Thu, 31 Jan 2019

Music and pure love, this book has a combination that really worked for me.
The two protagonists have a personal appeal that has hooked me from the beginning and together they are a beautiful and sweet couple. I think it was because of their candor and generosity, particularly Lily's. She hides a fear caused by her prodigious and precocious talent that conditions all her current life and her decisions. But Hope is able to interest her to the point of trying to overcome those fears even if it is step by step.
I really liked that the point of view of the story was through the frightened and innocent eyes of Lily, which allow us to better understand her actions. I also loved that the author did not introduce many characters or distracting plots, focusing completely on Lily and Hope. I have even liked the way in which she has solved the always feared but apparently necessary part of drama.
I highly recommend reading this book.
An advanced reading copy has been sent to me by the publisher Bold Strokes Books through Netgalley for my honest review

- Malaysia
Fri, 08 Mar 2019

" Tell me what you hear "
Bach's Sonata For Violin and Piano in B Minor,
Arvo Pärt's Spiegel im Spiegel,
Pink's But We Lost It
Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love
Beyonce's Runnin
Whitney's I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Def Leppard's Two Steps Behind
Among some of the powerful musics/songs that accompanied my reading session. Out of the 5 senses, our eyes usually played an important role in typical love tales but in this story, it was the sense of hearing that sealed their fate. Music brought Lily a broken and fighting hard to function and Hope - the name said it all, together. They weren't looking for it, Lily had O idea how to handle /pursue it but instead of designing / putting on a cool superhero + cape (or a sexy ranger uniform) for Hope, Ms.Bryant made both of them to work side by side like ebony and ivory to turn an infatuation into a relationship.
It was quite an incredible journey, Lily and Hope grabbed my heart from their first scene - filled it with music, songs, joy, sadness and hope. Hope was the shelter to Lily's storm and Lily was Hope's dream came true.
Kris Bryant is becoming an author to watch out for, 3 books by her and Breakthrough is one of my most favorite ranger.. I mean lesfic. Recommended 💕

Rach (Les Rêveur)
- Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Tue, 06 Nov 2018

This book floored me. I’ve read it three times since the book appeared on my kindle… I just love it so much. I’m actually sitting here wondering how i’m going to convey my sheer awe but I will try my best. Kris Bryant won Les Rêveur book of the year 2018 and this is a serious contender for 2019.
Lily likes her life. It’s calm, she likes her job and she’s bloody good at it, she loves her cat and even though her life is spent mostly in solitary, it works for her and her abundance of anxieties. Her life sure has changed since she left the fame that her music created behind for the peace she has now. When she hears beautiful music coming from a building on her way home from work, she is enraptured. And that’s when she meets Hope and she’s everything her name suggests! The attraction between them both is clear from the beginning but will Lily’s hang ups be the making or breaking of them?
Every second of this book blew me away! I resonated with Lily so much in so many ways. She’s an amazing soul and I wanted to be friends with her from the beginning of the book. This story for me was about finding your better half. It was a love story of epic proportion and left me feeling thoroughly satisfied by Lily and Hope’s love.
Hope for me is just everything a woman like Lily needs, she’s passionate about music, she pushes Lily out of her comfort zone but also loves her enough to want to give her space and she understands Lily’s anxieties so she tries to make life ultimately easy for her by supporting her instead of trying to change her. Not to mention she’s gorgeous, sexy and smart as a whip. She’s Lily’s perfect woman and soul mate.
Like most sex scenes written by Kris Bryant, they are sexy and ultimately a massive turn on but I think there was a level of intimacy portrayed in these sex scenes that didn’t take away from them being ultimately hot but added another layer that just showed how deeply Hope and Lily are falling for each other. It was quite beautiful actually!
This book is wonderful and every time I’ve finished it (yes I’ve read it more than once) I’ve been left with butterflies. Five stars ain’t enough but it’s the max I got so 5 Stars!

- The United States
Mon, 11 Feb 2019

Kris Bryant did an outstanding job with this book. Her best work so far! Listen is so sweet and compelling you just cannot help but fall in love with the characters she has created.
Lily Croft is a 27-year-old hermit. She spends the majority of her time in her Chicago apartment with her rescued tomcat. Lily lives for math and she excels at her finance focused career. She does not interact with anyone other than basic conversations. With no friends or family, this amazingly talented woman has shut herself off from the world. Why? Lily is a child music prodigy. Leading symphonies by the time she was 11 years old. With that talent came unspeakable demands and abuse from her parents. Forced to play 24/7, Lily began to have mental health issues including social phobia. Therefore she cut everyone out of her life, including the music that she once loved so much.
Hope De’Marco is also a musician. Hope runs a grant-funded music therapy studio that focuses on children with disabilities and inner-city kids. Lily just happens to be sub-contracted to a company that is right by Hope’s studio. One evening on her way home Lily hears Hope playing and it sparks curiosity in her and draws her to the music. She continues to go by the studio to hear the pianist play again.
Hope and Lily have a charming romance. Its gentle pace has you rooting for Lily’s growth and cheering Hope’s gentleness. What Bryant really excels at with this story is letting the reader feel the emotions of Lily. You feel her anxiety rippling off the page. When she was in a social experience that sparked her anxiety you were right there with her feeling those heart-pounding emotions. You root for Lily’s growth, you are dazzled by Hope’s kindness and you are terrified for that inevitable shoe to drop. A great book that keeps you spellbound to the end. You leave this one with a massive smile on your face. 4.25 stars

Thu, 06 Dec 2018

I'm a bit embarrassed to say that this is my first read in Bryant's "sensory" series. Based on this book, I'll definitely be going back to read the rest!
I loved seeing how Bryant depicted MC Lily as a painfully shy and severely hampered by social anxiety. While it was tough to read at times, it was wonderful to see as a change of pace. What I loved the most is that as the story progressed, we got to watch Lily explode out of her shell after meeting and falling for fellow musician (and aptly named) Hope.
This is a fast read, a solid slow-burn romance, and the payoff is completely worth it. The sex scenes are steamy, and they are abundant once they get going. Even the obligatory 80% angst scene didn't bother me since it was so different from other novels.
I do have to mention that I didn't feel quite as connected with the characters as I wished, but I think that was mainly because this is told in 1st person POV through Lily's eyes only. I felt that in many ways, we didn't really get the chance to know Hope as well as I would have liked.
Overall though, Bryant is a masterful storyteller, and this is well worth the read. 4 stars.
**Many thanks to Bold Strokes for providing me with an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review.**

- The United States
Sat, 05 Jan 2019

You guys are really in for a treat on this one. Lily Croft is a former child music prodigy who is now an actuary. She spends most of her time living a solitary life because of her anxiety issues. She is forced to out of her "shell" when she has to take on a project that will put her in the office 5 days a week at a company across town from where she lives. One day as she while on her lunch break she hears someone playing a classical piece on a piano and she is drawn in. After some time she finally meets Hope D'Marco and she is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Hope runs a non profit musical organization that teaches lower income children how to play instruments.
This is such a lovely story. The topic of anxiety can be a heavy one, but Bryant does an excellent job shedding light on this topic without it being depressing. It also shows how love can blossom with patience and understanding. Hope's character is special. She never pushes Lily to do anything she isn't comfortable with. Their chemistry is off the charts. I just really enjoyed this one. I love how Bryant introduces Lily to intimacy. She isn't made to be perfect the first time she has sex. I even enjoyed the angst in this one. I was actually surprised during this breakup scene because I didn't see it coming. Again this was just a very good read.
5 stars!
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