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A Bone to Pick (Widow's Island, #2)

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Published 30 Oct 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Montlake Romance

Deputy Tessa Black gave up her career as a detective with the Seattle PD and returned to the Pacific Northwest island she calls home to care for her ailing mother. Tessa thinks her mother’s illness is the worst thing she’ll face—until she responds to a routine call in the state park and discovers a local man harpooned to a sign.
As the murder investigation unfolds, it becomes clear that the victim harbored secrets. Together with her FBI agent best friend, Cate, and park ranger Logan Wilde, Tessa must connect the pieces before the murderer strikes again. But the closer she gets to the truth, the more she finds herself—and the ones she loves—in harm’s way.
Pressure mounts as Tessa attempts to juggle the current case with her search for the truth behind her childhood friend Samantha’s disappearance twenty years ago. Can Tessa find the murderer and uncover answers about Samantha without jeopardizing everything she holds dear?

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- Duluth, MN
Mon, 01 Oct 2018

Tessa Black has left her job with the Seattle police department and taken a job as a deputy on Widow's Island. She needs to take care of her mother who suffers from dementia. She answers a call from a woman who hears screaming in the nearby forest. Because the other deputy's are off the island or already on duty, she calls local park ranger Logan Wilde to go with her. He's her best friends older brother and the object of her childhood crush. Logan has left the Army Special Forces to take this job because he couldn't deal with the situations he was forced to handle anymore. He's hoping that Widow's Island will be a quiet healing place for him.
Together, they discover the body of a young local artist who has been harpooned. He's only been on the island for about a year and no one knows him well. Almost the first thing that they discover is that he is living under a false identity. Tessa is attacked by a stranger when she goes to investigate the artist's house, but she also discovers a dufflebag with about $100,000 which is much more money than an artist painting landscapes for tourists should have and four nude portraits of older women. More searching also discovers a portrait of Tessa's mother.
Tessa and Logan investigate wondering if the killer is someone from the artist's past or perhaps one of the husbands of the women the artist painted. Meanwhile, Tessa's mother has taken to wandering away. One time, Tessa's friend Cate finds her and brings her back. Another time it takes an organized search before she is found. Tessa doesn't know what she is going to do, but the local Widow's Knitting and Activist group and Logan come up with a plan that will work for now.
The story was suspenseful and fast-paced. The mystery in this episode was solved. The larger mystery begun in the first book of this quartet takes the backburner here. FBI files about their friend's disappearance are located and are surprisingly thin.

Under the Covers
- Brooklyn, NY
Tue, 30 Oct 2018

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Deputy Tessa Black has come back home to Widow's Island to look after her mother, giving up her career as a detective in Seattle to do it. When she came back to her small island to look after her mother slowly succumbing to dementia she expected her job as deputy would be the easy bit. However, first there were the bones of a missing teenager found, a crime solved by her close friend Cate Wilde. Now there has been a grisly murder which she and Logan Wilde, her best friend's brother and park ranger must investigate before the murderer strikes again.
This is the second book in the Widow's Island series, in this series Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh each write alternating books. In this novella we get to know Deputy Tessa Black, Leigh's character, as she solves a brutal murder where at the dead of night in a public park a man has been harpooned. With her is Logan Wilde, the brother of Cate Wilde, the heroine in the first book and Tessa's best friend.
This was a short read, approximately 100 pages, but in that short time we get to see a murder solved, a woman struggling to take of someone with a mental illness and the beginnings of a romance. It's no wonder I raced through it! It was a lot to pack into such a small amount of pages. I'm a fan of Leigh's work and this book was no different, it was a good mystery read and I can't wait to read more.
I especially can't wait to read about the disappearance of Cate and Tessa's friend Samantha. It has been hinted at in these first two books that there may be something sinister happening in regard to their missing friend, so I now can't wait for them to dive into the case. Hopefully that will be the focus of the next two books coming out next year.
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- Webster, NC
Wed, 25 Jul 2018

Fabulous! Just fabulous! I just love Melinda Leigh! Always original and refreshing. As I said about the first book in this new novella series it's off to a fantastic start and I'm looking forward to the second installments. I only wish we didn't have to wait so long to get them.
The characters in this novella are wonderful and if I'm honest I like them a bit more than the ones in the first installment. The chemistry seems better and the characters seems to click better. But don't get me wrong the first one is great! You can absolutely not go wrong with Melinda Leigh or Kendra Elliot! It's f-ing impossible. I'm so anxious to see what happened to the third friend and I hope there's a WOW factor there. Knowing Melinda and Kendra there will be. I highly suggest this new novella series!
*** Note to Melinda - are you planning on doing another kindle in motion with this series? ***

- Fayetteville, NC
Tue, 27 Nov 2018

Deputy Tess and park ranger Logan investigate a murder in a park on Widow's Island, off the coast in the Pacific Northwest area of the US. A man has been stabbed with a harpoon and stuck to a sign. As far as murders go, this is a fairly grisly one for the small town, but Tess' experience as a former Seattle detective will help her determine who did this and why. Her friends Cate, an FBI agent, and Henry, the local physician and coroner, will also assist with the investigation.
The previous novella in this series was told from Cate's POV but this story is told by Tess. Since I just finished the previous story, I have plenty of background on Cate and Henry (who are now dating), but I get to learn more about Tess and Logan, who happens to be Cate's brother. Tess moved back to Widow's Island from Seattle because she wanted to be able to take care of her mother, who has declining health. Throughout the story, Tess' mother's health presents issues and it is clear that this causes various stresses for Tess. The author does a great job of showing the relationship between the characters as they rally around Tess while she juggles her job during its more intense moments with being her mother's caregiver.
Logan's backstory is also shared a little bit, and I really liked his time on the page, especially since has a connection to both Cate and Tess. Logan took the job as a park ranger on a small island thinking that it would be less stressful than his previous job but whoo boy this murder in the park proved to be more than he anticipated.
The murder and the investigation are compelling and fast-paced, and once again I didn't guess the outcome. However, I think the relationships between the characters are what will keep me coming back to this series. I love the way Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh are able to write seamlessly back and forth between installments. They're able to keep the characters interacting with the same level of friendship and trust in their work no matter who is doing the writing. These characters have this intimacy among them, and I don't mean a romantic intimacy, that I love when I'm reading detective stories.
I'm eager for more from Widow's Island. When I look at the release dates for the next installments, it looks like an entire year before we get the next two, which honestly bums me out. I want to keep going with the story and the characters.
Audiobook Notes: Currently the A Bone to Pick audiobook is offered in Kindle Unlimited as both an ebook and audiobook option, meaning you can "read and listen for free." So far, I have done that with both novellas in this series, which has been very enjoyable. The narration is good and so is the length. It's always nice to have a shorter-length story available for those times when I've finished a book, but I'm a little too busy to try to invest in another full-length novel.
Title: A Bone to Pick by Melinda Leigh
Series: Widow's Island #2
Narrated by: Christine Williams
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Length: 3 hours, 4 minutes, Unabridged

- Maryland Heights, MO
Mon, 26 Nov 2018

Initial Thoughts
This was a nice short read. There are a whole lot of crazy things happening on this island! This one starts off with a murder and an investigation with a lot of twists and turns. There was even a bit of romance to top everything off. I thought that the narrator did a great job with the story.
Book Source: Kindle Unlimited
Full review to be posted soon.

- Indianapolis, IN
Sun, 30 Sep 2018

A Bone to Pick by Melinda Leigh is the second book in the romantic suspense Widow’s Island series. This series is all at novella length and penned by Melinda Leigh along with Kendra Elliot by alternating the books. This pair of authors have teamed up in the past for the romantic suspense Rogue River series of which a couple of the characters have moved over to this series but the books can be read and enjoyed separate from the Rogue River series.
The first book introduced FBI Special Agent Cate Wilde who had returned to the island after an injury to rest and recuperate. Cate had been best friends with Tessa Black who is now a deputy on the island. Book two now changes over to Tessa along with her own romantic interest.
Tessa had returned to the island after a stint with the Seattle P.D. when she needed to begin care for her aging mother. Tessa was expecting a routine night on the island where crime is normally pretty slow when she gets a call about a dead man who had been killed with a harpoon. Teaming up with the park ranger Logan Wilde Tessa finds herself chasing a murderer.
Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot certainly know how to write a compelling novella length read. Even with the shorter length both books so far have been fleshed out wonderfully giving enough about the characters to begin to care about them and a good mystery to follow. Definitely a fan of this series and can’t wait to see what happens in the next two installments.
I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.
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