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Defending Morgan (Mountain Mercenaries, #3)

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Published 05 Mar 2019
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Montlake Romance

Protection leads to passion in New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker’s dangerously hot Mountain Mercenaries adventure.
Dispatched to the Dominican Republic to rescue a kidnapped child, former Navy SEAL Archer “Arrow” Kane makes a startling discovery: another hostage—Morgan Byrd, a very beautiful and very well-known missing person who disappeared off the streets of Atlanta a year ago. She’s brave, resilient, and unbroken. All Arrow wants to know is why she ended up in a shack in Santo Domingo. All he feels is the desire to protect.
Morgan is done being the victim and is determined to find out who hates her so much that they want her gone—but not dead. Until then, she has Arrow, an alpha stranger who’s offering a warm and safe place to hide. But as the passion between them flares, so does the fear that whoever took Morgan will do anything to get her back. For Arrow, protecting this woman with a mysterious enemy is the most dangerous mission of his life. And it’s worth every beat of his heart.

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- Japan
Tue, 25 Dec 2018


Mindy Lou's Book Review
Tue, 05 Feb 2019

So good! This series is my favorite from this author so far. The Mountain Mercenaries is a team made up of former military of different branches that focus solely on saving women and children. Each book has a new mission and the content has some pretty heavy stuff. These women and children are being saved from something truly horrible, and then to find love in the process is a beautiful thing to read.
The heroines are strong women who have overcome some very serious situations. The heroes are tough, protective and take very good care of the women in their lives. The evil villains in each book will have you seeing red and having you rooting for the mercenaries to take them out. I love all these guys and can't wait for the rest of the series. It looks like Black is up next.

Tue, 05 Mar 2019

It's LIVE!
Someone wants her gone and forgotten. An Alpha Mercenary wants her here and now.
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- Mississauga, ON, Canada
Tue, 05 Feb 2019

Defending Morgan is the third book in Susan Stoker’s Mountain Mercenaries Series. This book is action packed filled with great characters, chemistry, intimacy and a great love story.
Former Navy Seal Archer “Arrow” Kane accidentally discovers Morgan Byrd in a shack in Santo Domingo while rescuing a child who had been abducted by her father. Morgan has been missing for over a year, but while she has been victimized during her ordeal, Arrow is amazed to find her resilient, brave and unbroken.
Their connection is deep and instantaneous. Arrow feels an intense desire to protect Morgan and despite her experiences, she craves the safe and caring bubble that Arrow’s presence elicits. But as their feelings blossom, the mystery surrounding Morgan’s disappearance and escalating events indicate that Morgan’s enemy isn’t done with her yet. Will the Mountain Mercenaries be able to discover the person behind Morgan’s kidnapping? Will Arrow be able to keep her safe when danger ventures closer? Read it to find out!
I have read several of Susan Stokers books. She does a fantastic job creating characters and intense, action packed love stories. Both the heroes and heroines in Stoker’s books are good, strong characters with strong morals and personalities. The stories focus on working together to overcoming difficult and often life changing events. Love, and trust, does conquer all.
This book contains a happily ever after. Each novel in this series ends with an introduction to the characters in the next book, and a juicy and intriguing hint is also dropped regarding to plot line. I can’t wait for the next book!
This is a voluntary review of an advanced readers copy received from Netgalley.

- Marlow, M1, The United Kingdom
Wed, 20 Feb 2019

~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~
This is the third book in the series and is just as good (maybe better) than the previous two. I would recommend that you read them in order, as it will bring out some of the fine detail, but it is excellent on its own too. I am assuming in my review that you have read them.
Morgan's story is beautifully told, and has an incredibly shocking explanation. I had to stop reading a few times, because as I started to piece it together, the truth was revealed and the lack of humanity was difficult to take. Brilliantly done, with great originality. After both Allye and Chloe had suffered twice, I was naturally expecting that history would repeat itself, but never, never in that way! I have had to take a couple of days away from the story to gather my thoughts.
As we have enjoyed both Gray and Ro find their HEAs it was an absolute pleasure to watch Archer (Arrow) discover just how love can strike at the most unexpected time, in the most unexpected place. His tenderness, his readiness to lay it all on the line, to give her his honesty and build her trust is incredibly sexy. And for a woman who has suffered as she has, it is the most loving way he could show his feelings.
I am still reeling at the reveal, and thankful of the outcome - cannot wait until the next Mountain Mercenary gets his turn ... and I have strong suspicions as to who Rex really is, but hope that one day we all know for sure!

Sun, 20 Jan 2019

***5 Stars***
And we have another great addition to the series! Not that I really doubted that would be the case, but sometimes it just needs to be put out into the world. I was hooked from the very start and was totally into seeing Arrow and Morgan not only get their HEA , but finding out just who was behind Morgan’s kidnapping and when it was finally revealed...let’s just say I didn’t really see that one coming at all.
I adored Arrow. This man is all kinds of goodness right down to his DNA. I loved how honest he was, not only with others, but himself because once he chose a path, he stuck to it. Morgan blew me away. She had endured hell and could have very well succumbed to cynicism and despair, but instead clung to hope and held on to the knowledge that she would get out of her situation alive and be reunited with her loved ones.
I really enjoyed their journey to their HEA. The connection was definitely insta, but it worked for me because of how honest and sincere Arrow was about his feelings. He felt a connection to Morgan and simply wanted to explore it. Morgan was hesitant, and rightfully so, but she decided to trust her gut and I loved where things between them went from there. The honest communication that went on between them was all kinds of everything for me. I loved watching them get closer each day and couldn’t have been happier with where they were at in the end.
If you’ve read any of the authors other books, in this series or in any of her others, you know that there are...elements that always pop up in each book, and this one is no different, in a general sense. There is the insta style interest and blunt and honest alpha male, but I really liked how Arrow and Morgan’s relationship played out because she kept the characters not only true to themselves while not losing sight of what both of them, specifically Morgan, had endured. She didn’t force any resolutions or changes that were extreme or out of character. It all felt absolutely organic. And as for the baddie in this one? Definitely did not see that one coming, or the reasons behind it all, but it totally worked!
Now to wait patiently for Black’s book!
~ Copy provided by the publisher & voluntarily reviewed ~

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