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Into the Darkness

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Published 31 Jul 2018
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There are no such things as heroes.
I went out for coffee. I came back with a nemesis.
The city’s favorite hero, Lightning, saved me from getting gunned down, and I thought my luck was finally changing. Not only was I not dead; I also managed to snag an exclusive interview with the masked supe.
Only, instead of job stability and internet fame, I earned the attention of every dangerous criminal in the city.
The only thing that’ll save my life now is allowing Lightning to claim me as his pet. To offer my body in the hopes that he’ll protect me.
But the city has it wrong. He’s not one of the good guys. And submitting to his claim will bring another darkness from the shadows. A darkness whose only goal is to take anything his archenemy possesses.
Including me.
Book 1 in Nora Ash’s dark Paranormal Romance ménage, Darkness. Each installment is novella length and ends in a cliffhanger.

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- Swainsboro, GA
Fri, 03 Jul 2015

Title: Into the Darkness
Series: Darkness
Author: Nora Ash
Designation: Book 1 of 4 Part Completed Serial, NOT A Standalone, Cliffhanger Ahead #menage #paranormalromance #romanticsuspense
**All four books in the Darkness Series were previously published in 2015 with the same titles and content. There have been no revisions but the covers have been updated.
Wow! What a beginning! Into the Darkness is the first super sexy installment in the four-part Darkness Series by Nora Ash and oh my, it looks like we're in for another wild ride! The story is original, unusual, unique, exciting, thrilling, action-packed, full of danger, seductive and arousing! The narrative is exceptionally well developed, well crafted and very well written in the first person from the point of view of the heroine, Kathyrn Smith, a naive but stubbornly independent twenty-six-year-old, self-employed, cultural blogger. The dialogue is smart, snappy, well-executed, and flows effortlessly. The characters are complex, captivating, engaging, seductive and sexy as sin. The characters literally explode from the pages, draw you in, demand your attention, and capture your heart from beginning to end. Ash skillfully combines these elements into a riveting paranormal/supernatural serial filled to the brim with danger, darkness, intrigue, mystery, suspense, angst, undeniable attraction, and inevitable romance. Once I started reading, I simply could not stop. I was glued to my seat, white knuckling my e-reader with my heart pounding wildly in my chest, and I loved every single minute. It is a completely new spin on paranormal romance and actually has a fascinating plot peppered with thrills, chills, mystery, suspense, and enigmatic characters.
When you live in a city like St Anthony that has a crime rate of forty percent above the national average, it's safe to say there's always a crime to write about but struggling, small-time, cultural blogger Kathryn Smith never thought she would get her badly needed big break through personal experience. On a late night run to her favorite coffee shop, she's held at gunpoint by two masked gunmen while they rob the shop and demand cappuccinos to go. Huh? What self-respecting criminal waits for coffee to go? Obviously, the stupid kind! But at least their stupidity results in giving her the chance of a lifetime - an opportunity to interview the masked superhuman hero identified in the press and social media as Lightning. He was tagged with the moniker as a result of his supernatural speed not because of his ability to control lightning, although after seeing him in person, she could imagine that he may actually be able to do just that! He's beyond sizzling hot! So, despite the danger, shattering glass and flying bullets, Kathryn whips out her trusty camera-phone and presses record. However, disappointment soon follows exaltation when she realizes that Lightning is nothing more than another typical, cheeky, flirty and obnoxious member of the male species. She'd just have to work with what she has, even if he isn't the "Golden Boy" she'd always imagined. She could still write an article about him and the other "supes" that would generate some much-needed traffic for her blog, and she'd make sure it's a great article. And he had the nerve to question her as a serious reporter?! Well, she would show him exactly how serious she could be. As opposed to all the other journalists who fawned and drooled over him, she would expose him and the other superhumans for the jerks they are! She would be just the opposite and expose the truth - so take that, vigilante heroes! Not that she isn't thankful that Lightning had saved her chubby little behind, but his rude comments have opened her eyes and jolted her from her hero worship. It's also given her an entirely new perspective on the way the mayor and the city of St Anthony rely on the superhuman vigilantes to protect them from the ever looming darkness threatening to consume the city. The masked vigilantes act above the law, meting out their own justice and punishment, and they definitely should not be praised for their violent, unregulated conduct. They need to be policed and stopped. But Kathyrn's new attitude is rewarded with a late night visit from Lightning where she is 'semi-claimed' by the masked supe, Kathryn suddenly becomes all too aware of the fact that she knows nothing about the true nature of the superhumans nor their special abilities. She's more determined than ever to uncover the truth but another unfortunate encounter with the criminal element of the city while looking for clues leaves her in the clutches of the worst superhero of all - Shade. The infamous Shade makes Lightning look like a poster boy for the Boy Scouts. And he wants to claim her too, but he intends to really 'claim' her. Oh my! After two sexual encounters with the not-so-good heroes, Kathryn finds herself wondering who is actually good and who is bad, but soon comes to a joltingly awakening realization. In order to protect herself from Lightning and Shade and whatever personal vendetta they have against each other, she would need every single journalistic instinct she possesses to survive. But little does she know that by questioning the morals and tactics of the mayor along with the unregulated glorified masked superhumans, she has opened Pandora's Box, and her actions are about to rain down hell and wreak havoc on her safe, orderly life. She now has two super heroes claiming and protecting her, but just who will protect her from them??? Oh dear! No spoilers from me but I will say this....Beautiful, curvaceous journalist who is too inquisitive for her own good-check! Two handsome sexy superhuman heroes who seem determined to claim one lovely journalist-check! Danger, drama, suspense, adventure, 'super heroes', corruption and malevolent enemies-check! Heated attraction, fiery passion and steamy dreamy sex-you bet! Thrills, chills and a whole lot more! And just between you and me, these superhumans sound an awful lot like supernaturals, paranormals, and shifters.
Did I like this book? No, I LOVED it! Would I recommend it? You bet and I am but only for adults since it does contain explicit content, which is code for profanity and hot, dreamy, sex, Although this book does end with a cliffhanger, the remaining four books of the completed series have been released and are available. Will I read this author again? Absolutely! Just as soon as she releases her next book. Nora Ash is one of my favorite authors and has held her position on my automatic one-click list since 2014. ANd finally, was I entertained? Completely! Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read!

Thu, 02 Aug 2018

Into the Darkness is basically just the set-up for the following three books in the series, so the plot is thin and just gives the background with some sex thrown in.
The story has an interesting paranormal premise. Rather than wolves or vampires, you have super-humans, some of which are heroes, some villains. Early in the book, Kathryn has a less than enchanting meeting with superhero and hero #1, Lightning, when he interrupts the robbery of the cafe she's in. After the action has passed, Lightning agrees to answer some of Kat's questions for her blog. But when he responds with more sexual harassment than helpful info, Kat decides to call him out on it and in turn unknowingly makes herself a target within the "supe" community. Hero #2, The Shade, doesn’t make an appearance until late in the story when he rescues Kat from one of her TSTL moments, but when he shows, he makes quite an impact.
Based on what I know so far of the characters, Kat seems sassy and strong, but is naïve in a dangerous way when she chooses to prioritize her career over her own safety. Lightning has good book boyfriend potential, but so far he’s more flaky and cocky than anything. The Shade is an enigma. He has a reputation for being one of the worst villains in the city, but his behavior and need to protect the heroine makes me suspect that’s just what he wants people to believe.
The story is engaging and moves along steadily, so I’ll be reading the next story. However, I think a main complaint by some readers will be how short each installment is and that they could probably be consolidated into two parts rather than four. Having the author divide what is essentially a 418 page book into four novellas – all of which were released on the same day – for $2.99 each, seems like a ploy to milk more money out of readers. And not many people respect that.
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

- Mountain Home, AR
Tue, 07 Jul 2015

My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!!
***Received a copy of the ebook for an honest review
The cover is awesome, she looks like the rope to me :)
This is a new author for me :) This is the first part in a novella serial. This is for adults only due to the very steamy content. A serial is a book that is published in part to get into the readers hands more quickly. While getting to read each part is quicker than waiting for the whole book, it means that each part usually ends in a cliffhanger and is not a whole story by itself. If this bothers you, collect all the parts and wait until it is whole before reading it.
This world that Nora Ash has created is pretty cool and action packed. Her writing style is fun, and it is easy to picture everything in my mind as I read which makes connecting that much easier :) Kathryn is a blogger, so I definitely connect with her, and the fact that she is not a skinny little twig too. I’m not sure what to think of the two supes we are introduced to because I find myself liking the bad guy more than the cocky good guy. But maybe we are tricked by putting labels on people and that is what is happening here, I have to wait to find out though and it might just kill me because this story rocks!!
I think if you love superheroes, action, bad guys, and steamy scenes then you will love this story :) I can’t wait for the next part!!!

Space Cowgirl
- The United States
Tue, 31 Jul 2018

The Superhero's Dark Side👹
Because She Belongs To Him.... What is the true nature of superbeings who walk among us?
Lightning⚡ is the name of a superhero kicking a$$ and taking names in the crime🔪🔫 ridden city of St. Anthony.
Kathryn Smith💃💋, an amateur blogger of "the Dark City" captures Lightning⚡ on her phone when two armed🔪🔫 men hold up the coffee shop where she's getting a coffee.
Lightning⚡ easily dodges bullets and dispatches the bad guys.
Kathryn💃💋 grabs his interest and she uses the time to ask him some questions for her news and culture blog.
Lightning⚡ is so self assured, he almost sexually harasses her.
Kathryn💃💋 starts to think about why the Mayor is allowing superbeings to basically run amok, while law enforcement takes a back seat to their antics, and crime🔪🔫 runs rampant. She posts her thoughts and the video of Lightning⚡ to her blog that evening.
A late 🌙night visit from Lightning⚡, ends up with him claiming Kathryn💃💋 by biting her neck, marking her. He wants her to be under his protection and domination. She belongs to him now.
Warning her off of her political blogging, he tells her there are other super beings in the city, like The Shade👹, that are very bad men! She should lay low and stick to articles about clothes and 📚books and flowers.
Disobeying, Kathryn💃💋, goes to the industrial area of town at night to get material for her blog. Attacked by a group of thugs, she is saved by The Shade👹, when he slices and dices the men into little pieces with his swords🔪. When Shade👹 realizes Lightning⚡ has only partially marked Kathryn💃💋, he decides he wants her for himself, if only to anger Lightning⚡!
Shade👹 finishes the job, and now Kathryn💃💋 is his, completely!
YEHAW! I'd like to have two superhuman lovers!💘
The ARC book📑 I received contains the entire series of previously published novellas. It is definitely XXX adult reading. It's a fast, fun, sexy, well written series about superbeings with paranormal abilities.
ARC Received from HG.

- The United States
Tue, 06 Dec 2016

Kat is a little annoying. Her need-to-know attitude is ugh. However, she’s a smart, sexy lady and I respect the hell out of her, even if I think some of her decisions are DUMB and she needs a good smack upside her head.
Of course, without determined people who *need* to uncover stories, dastardly plots would never be revealed. That would be a cryin’ shame, especially the way Nora Ash writes.
The plot was entertaining and well-written, focusing more on the relationship, but not neglecting the action. It was a good balance for the genre. But my faaaaavorite part? find *that* out, visit The Little Death Is A Big O blog at: https://thelittledeathisabigo.wordpre...

- gloucestershire, The United Kingdom
Wed, 01 Jul 2015

Fantastic start to a new series. Characters are great, Kathryn who writes a blog gets herself in a whole lot of trouble when she stumbles on corruption in the mayor's office, then posting it on her blog sends the bad guys after her. Also throw into the mix two 'super humans' Lightening and The shade who are super hot, looking forward to reading more about those two! Really enjoyed this, read it in one go will definitely be reading the others in the series. I'm sure if you enjoyed the Demon's Mark series you will love this.

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