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Roots and Wings (City Limits, #1)

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Published 28 Mar 2016
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ISBN 1530594839

Suddenly, I was a bachelor in an unfamiliar town with a money pit of a house, a truck that wouldn’t run, and a new job. Yet, all could think about was Mutt, or at least that’s what they called her.
To me, she was gorgeous and witty ... and perfect. She knew more duty than desire, more perseverance than passion, and more acquaintance than affection, but here was no way I’d ever want to change her. In fact, I was dying to show her the life she'd been missing, but first she'd have to trust me enough to tell me her real name.
I wanted to plant roots, but I refused to clip her wings. Not when she was everything I’d been looking for and all the home I’d ever need.
Roots and Wings is a standalone contemporary romance. If you're looking for a good time, then you've come to the right place. Welcome to Wynne.

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- The United States
Thu, 17 Mar 2016

COPY provided by author in exchange for an honest review
“Her heart was too big to let people treat her like that. Treat her like she was less than the wonderful, beautiful, kind woman she was.”
No cheating. No angst. No love triangle. No drama. And this is a M. Mabie book!!! Did I enter a twilight zone? LOL. Well, one thing is for certain she definitely shocked me. YES Mo, I am shocked. Not in that hair-pulling and me yelling at her WHY!!! But in the way that she completely caught me off guard that she can write a LOVE STORY that is sweet, sexy and low on drama. Yes, M. Mabie you kept to your promise that you will deliver a story that will make me swoon. And Roots and Wings stole my heart!
Who knew small town romance could be so sexy? Finally, a romance that doesn’t have a billionaire, a domineering alpha male, rock star, or athletes. But instead M. Mabie treated her readers to a REAL ROMANCE that is full of charm, sass, heart, and of course steam with good old fashioned characters that are flawed, realistic and relatable to readers.
“And, there in that garage, he’d done just that. I felt, more than anything, that he desired me. All of me. And I wanted more of it.”
Roots And Wings will set hearts fluttering as M. Mabie introduces readers to Mutt and Vaughn. Yes, I know what are you thinking. Who names a heroine Mutt? Right! I know it is strange but don’t worry M. Mabie has a perfectly good reason as to why she is called that and why the importance of her name plays a vital role into the story line.
“I wanted her to trust what I said. I wanted my words and actions to have more value than my touch. My kiss.”
Since I don’t want to spoil the story of Vaughn and Mutt, I will just say you will never think of small town romance as just a plain old Jane. This book is extraordinary in every sense. And you will definitely appreciate the beauty of real honest love and the importance of a name. What makes this book is so special and charming is that we are transported to a small town of Wynne, population 3,401 and are allowed to be welcomed with good old fashioned charm of simplistic living. No city girl. No broken hero. But instead you are given a glimpse of a couple who instantly had a connection. Yes, that spark where readers can feel the trickling of raw emotions, laughter, and love radiate throughout the book.
“I wanted to know everything she liked. I’d commit to memory every sound with every spot and, one day soon, I’d play her body like a guitar. Repeating my favorite chords over and over.”
So if you are ready to fall in love with a story that weaves modern small town romance with charm, laughter, and steam then look no further than Roots And Wings. This book definitely was your FEEL GOOD BOOK with the added bonus of sexy. All there is left to say, Mo you have set sailed a story that anchored me to the ground and created a romance built on the wings of love.
Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...M. Mabie

- prince george, BC, Canada
Mon, 04 Apr 2016

This was a perfect light and sweet read. It is low on angst and high on romance. I just loved the small town life that is lived by the characters in this town. The heroine who has been nicknamed "Mutt" all her life, is such an endearing character. She is a tom-boy that is quite gruff; but she also has vulnerability to her that just makes her a very nicely well rounded character. I love how she is more than capable of taking care of herself; yet when she meets the new hot dentist that moves to town..she becomes shy and uncertain of how to act.
The romance between Vaughn and Mutt develops quite quickly, but it is done in a way that isn't awkward. Surprisingly it fits in the story well and flows nicely all the way to the end. This is a feel good story, and it really doesn't have a ton of conflict at all. It is a great read for when you are looking for something that will make you smile and chuckle.
This is my first book that I have read by M. Mabie...but I am looking forward to checking out more of her work. I am glad that I took a chance on this story, and I'm hoping that a few other characters who live in this small town will get their own HEA.s!!!

- Staten Island, NY
Thu, 31 Mar 2016

”No one had ever acted like they could see that, maybe deep down, there was more than just Mutt. And, if that was true, I wanted to let him find out because then I’d know, too.”
This is my first book by this author and I am pleasantly surprised because I found it to be a great little story. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline of a small town girl falling in the love with the new dentist in town who is looking to put down roots. I loved the characters, the plot and the low impact drama. This book’s a total win-win for me I can’t even think of anything I would have changed about it.
Mutt is a twenty-six year old woman who works for her father’s auto garage, owns her own boat, fishes, and is totally self-sufficient. She’s lives in a small town that took the terrible nickname her grandfather gave her and embraced it.
”I wasn’t mainstream. I wasn’t typical. I was rough around the edges and even I knew it. Maybe that was why I was still single, but I didn’t really care. If there was someone out there for me, they’d like me for who I was not what trends I did or didn’t follow.”
The folks in town are nice and friendly and that’s what sparked Vaughn Renfro to move to Wynn and take over the dental practice in town. Though his plans had included his girlfriend things didn’t go as planned but even better when he meets Mutt. Mutt and Vaughn’s relationship was so well paced, their chemistry was perfection and I adored their game of not kissing until he figured out her birth name.
”For the first time, I wanted to impress a man. Not because I wanted his business, or simply to warm my bed, but I wanted a man to desire me, and even if I hated to admit it, I wanted to be treated special. Like I was beautiful.”
Vaughn learns Mutt’s name (I’m not telling!) and they fish, date, and I mean I enjoyed everything that they shared and found in one another. The feelings that Vaughn gifted Mutt were just amazing.
”He magically turned all of my rough edges to silk when he touched me. Made all of the empty and lonely spots full with his attention. When his fingers moved over me, everything male in him spoke to everything female in me, and I felt beautiful. Fragile and vulnerable.”
Overall, this was an enjoyable story that is simple in its plot but very sweet. For a romance fan it's so very satisfying to get to be a part of Mutt feeling sexy, adored and loved by someone special.
”Sometimes having wings and choosing not to fly away is the whole point, because when you have a love like ours there’s no place you’d rather be.”

- Australia
Fri, 01 Apr 2016

I am so glad I finally pick this one up. It is a great small town romance that is low angst with a fantastic hero and heroine. Highly recommend.
HEA [spoilers removed]
Cheating/OW/OM [spoilers removed]
Any push/pull [spoilers removed]
Any couple separation [spoilers removed]
Angst Level: Low
Heat Level: High

- Vancouver, Canada, Canada
Wed, 17 Oct 2018


He made me feel so good about being me.
Simple, swoon-worthy romance! No gimmicks, no clichés - just falling in love. I enjoyed every moment of it.
"There's something about you that stays with me when you're not around. I think about you a lot."
If you're a fan of small town romances, I HIGHLY recommend this one.
The heroine was exactly like this:
I liked that she was independent, and I totally dug the fact that she let me see her look vulnerable, too.
And the hero - eeeeep! - was a man I could easily fall in love with:
This wasn't just a slow build to sex, it was the beginning of the kind of relationship I'd always wanted. One created from friendship, one that would hold stronger because of a solid foundation. I wanted to protect that.
This is the kind of book you save for a rainy day when you can curl up and read it cover to cover. Plus, it's FREE!
Sweet and wonderful at its finest.

- Newport News, VA
Sat, 26 Mar 2016

**3 stars**
When M. Mabie tagged this book as "Low on drama. High on love", I had to sign up right away. That's my preferred reading style! As a fan of her past NA works I had high expectations.
Roots and Wings is a story about small town love. As someone who grew up in a small southern town, I could relate to a lot of that side of the story.
Mutt (nickname and kind of annoying) was the town tomboy. She worked in her family's auto shop and loved to fish. I think I had a hard time relating to her and that's why I had a hard time in her POV. She was raised by her father and never settled down with a guy because everyone knew her family's history.
Vaughn is a dentist leaving behind a ex fiance and looking for a town where he can plant roots and build a family.
I think the thing that really took away from this one blowing me away was the extreme inst-lust/love. He was thinking of a relationship with her very early on. The story had a good flow to it and had a few laugh out loud moments but for some reason I could not connect to the characters fully.
I think that many readers that like very low angst and insta love will find this one to be a winner.
*arc provided for honest review*
**Guest reviewing for The Review Loft**

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