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Golden Disc Rising in the East

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Published 27 Sep 2018
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Format Paperback
Publisher Partridge Publishing India
ISBN 1543703348

The poems in this weighty volume are too numerous and ponderous to summarize in a review of this type. The poems of Advocate S. A. S. Mulla do not only deal with the philosophy of nature like Wordsworth but also comments on the essence of human life, for instance, the poems like "Love," "Death," "Soul," "Life," "Time," "Mother," "The Mind," "Time," "Chastity of Judiciary," "Law," "Mother India," and "God" reflect the poet's transcendental outlook toward human life. He is concerned with all poetic and stylistic devices in terms of form, theme, and poetic diction of poetry. He shows an anxiety of human essence in all the poems and makes the complex relationship of nature, human, and God like William Blake's Poems.