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Stay a Little Longer (Fate, Texas, #1)

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Published 19 Nov 2018
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Format ebook
Publisher NineStar Press

Country music superstar, Trent Thorne is on the run. What he’s kept hidden from the world is no longer a secretl. He trusted the wrong person, a man he’d stupidly thought he was in love with, and instead of a happily ever after all he’d gotten was outted. Unwilling to sit around and watch his private life get plastered all over the news, Trent hits the road and somehow ends up in his best friend Lemon’s small hometown of Fate, Texas.
Lance Nichols knows a thing or two about hiding. He’s so deep in the closet he can’t even see daylight. The former womanizer finally admitted the truth to himself a few years ago but he never thought he’d be able to say the words aloud, not to his family, not to his friends, and certainly not to his secret celebrity crush when the guy stumbles awkwardly into his life.
Fate brought these two together, but will it also tear them apart? One newly outed man refuses to go back in the closet. The other can’t imagine coming out of his.

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Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie
- New Orleans, LA
Sun, 01 Oct 2017

3.75 Stars
Two men, one a big country music star, Trent, who has just been outed by someone he thought was a close friend and confidant. Someone he thought he could trust. And Lance, a small-town police officer who is so far in the closet, he couldn’t find his way out with a map and a tour guide. They meet when Trent comes to the small town of Fate, Texas to hide after he is outed. When they meet the sparks fly and the attraction is instant, but can an out public figure and a closeted police officer make love work?
This book had a great premise and storyline and I loved the both Trent and Lance. They had amazing chemistry and a great connection, but I wish the time frame of the story had been longer. The entire story takes place in just three days and I found myself wishing I could have more time with Trent and Lance, getting to know then better as a couple. Sometimes instalove works and sometimes it doesn’t. Here it kind of did and kind of didn’t. It’s hard to explain why.
The author’s writing is engaging and the story is really interesting and entertaining. I loved what I was given, but I wanted things to slow down a bit and I wanted more. Still, the story was enjoyable, a sweet and sexy quick read I’d definitely recommend.
*copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Sun, 27 Aug 2017

Gotta love a trip to Fate, Texas.
From the premise of this story, to the meet-cute that had me smiling & swooning in equal measure, Trent & Lance are instalust deliciousness.
It’s guy love that’s unapologetically fast and sugary sweet - but don’t be fooled - it’s also sprinkled with doses of sizzling heat and heart-tugging feels.
The road to love for these two boys may be steamy, but pressure from everywhere doesn’t mean it’s easy.
We get a visit from old friends - Lemon in top form as always & Helloooo Deputy Lowry (insert slow wink here). There’s even the potential set up for what I’m hoping will be our next story to come out of this quaint West Texas town.
SALL may be a M/M erotic novella in genre, but it is at it’s heart, a love story. One that will give you a little of everything one looks for in a short sexy read, and like me, it will no doubt leave you wanting more.

- Santee, CA
Mon, 25 Sep 2017

I'm not sure if I can properly share my love for this novella.
I had all the feels in all the right places while reading.
It was sweet, it was hot, it was romantic and it was PERFECT.
Jess Bryant brings us some modern day romance with a twist of country. This was my first read in the m/m genre and if others are anything as perfect as this, you betcha I'll be reading more!
*slow clap*

- Manchester, The United Kingdom
Fri, 22 Sep 2017

I'm a little embarrassed to say that this is my first Jess Bryant read but i can tell you this will not be my last. I'm huge fan of M/M reads and an avid Instagrammer which is where my interest in this book was found. I know this is her first time of writing a M/M read and i really hope she continues to do so. It's a fabulous Genre and Jess really has proved with this Novella that she can write M/M romance!!
This story centre's on Trent and Lance. Trent is on the run hiding from his very public and forced outing!! He's headed to his long time friend Lemon's hometown of Fate. To hide away at her vacant trailer home till he can make sense of what comes next. Lance works at Fate's Sheriff Department and is known as the town's womanising Manwhore. But what people don't know is the real Lance, he's been hiding who he truly is. Fear of the unknown as been holding him back but all that changes. When he returns home after a hard day to and literally falls into bed with the man of his dream none other than....
Trent Thorne Country music superstar!!
“If I told you I loved you, would you stay a little longer?”
I really want to say so much more about this read, but I don't want to spoil it completely for everyone else. There's so many heartwarming, endearing and emotional parts and quotes!! It's fast paced sexy as hell and the ending had my heart soaring!! So you'll just have to buy it to find out all the things I loved about this book.
And on a side note Lemon and Shane!! she was a firecracker and i can't wait to read their story and is kicking myself that i haven't already.

- Cape Town, 02, South Africa
Sat, 14 Oct 2017

This was fast... like really fast if you like instant love this is just the book to read but, if you love the developed over time thing stay the hell away from this one because it will smother you with love and fluff....
Lets just say I was in the need of fluff and cuddles loved this story even though I like it more realistic.

- Islip, NY
Sat, 26 Aug 2017

The only thing wrong with this book was that I wanted more. I kept hoping it would somehow lengthen itself, somehow keep going, and when I reached the end, I was legitimately saddened that it was over. Because truth be told, I loved Lance and Trent. Especially Trent. God, do I love Trent.
I loved their relationship, I loved their insta-love (because I LOVE insta-love), I loved their intimacy, and everything in between.
And what else did I love? MORE SHANE LOWRY. Call Me, Irresistible fans will know what I mean by that, and if you haven't read that book, you should. You really, really should.
All gushing aside, I would recommend this to anybody wanting a quick read, some very steamy romance between two very worthy men, and a story that will hit you in every one of your feels.

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