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Fired Up (Fever Falls, #1)

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Published 02 Jan 2019
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Riley Hart

If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to play the game…both on and off the field. If it hadn’t been for that one teenage slipup where I kissed Beau Campbell, I’d be able to keep fooling myself. Football is the one thing I use to distract myself from the truth, and when I screw-up and lose the game I love, I find myself right back in Fever Falls. And right back face-to-face with Cranky Campbell, who hates me even more than he did when we were kids. Whatever magic he held over me then is still there. As much as I fight it, I still want him. And I always get what I want…well, except with Beau, who constantly calls me on my crap. Why do I like that so much?
I might’ve spent years watching Ash live out my dream—without the off-field antics and orgies with women, at least—but I’ve made a good life for myself. I’m a firefighter, and I coach my brother’s football team for those with developmental disabilities. But when Ash swings back into town armed with his monster ego and an arsenal of stupid nicknames, everyone is in awe of him. Nope, not me. I don’t care if our kiss years ago was responsible for my sexual awakening. I won’t fall for Ashton Carmichael. Though that resolution would be a whole lot easier if he wasn’t so tempting. Once he finds his way into my bed, I’m screwed—in more ways than one. But there’s more to Ash than meets the eye, buried beneath his ego, sarcasm and how we burn up the sheets together. Soon, it’s more than a game. We don’t just get each other fired up, we just might win each other’s hearts.
Too bad things are never that simple…

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- Iran
Sun, 13 Jan 2019

3 Cranky & Cocky Stars
Ash and Beau were best friends, somehow! Ash had always tried to get under Beau’s skin and for the most part, he was successful! He always drove Beau crazy and challenged him. Ten years ago, Ash drunk-kissed Beau at their high school graduation party and then left town for the college without knowing with that kiss he changed something in Beau...
Now Ash is a football player but because of his bad attitude, his career is in danger so he’s taking early retirement and coming back to his hometown, to Beau. The Beau who always saw the real him…
Beau loved football but for some reasons he chose to be a firefighter, it gave him a purpose. But he didn’t miss any of Ash’s games these years, not even one of them! He couldn’t forget Ash, that confident and charming Ash, even if he would try. If you wouldn’t know better you thought he was in love with Ash, but how can he fall for his straight, womanizer frenemy!?!
Told in dual POV, 1st person. It’s almost angst-free, slow-burn, and a sweet story. The characters weren’t really well developed but I should say I enjoyed their banter, most of the times! I thought it’s gfy but I don’t count it as one because Ash was in denial for years, so deep in closet! It’s the first installment in the "Fever Falls" series and can be read as a standalone and I noticed the next book is written by another author whom I am not a fan! Overall, it wasn’t that special or something new, hope you like it!

Thu, 10 Jan 2019

Fun and Sexy!
This was fun, if simple. It went kinda like this:
I want you
I want you
I want you
Hot virgin sex
Oh crap, what just happened?!
More sexy sex
I love you
Sex sex sex
Conflict stuff
HEA mushy as hell ;)

- Andover, MN
Fri, 04 Jan 2019

This was a sweet love story. Very romantic and I loved Beau’s brother Kenny.
The next book was written by Devon and it’s titled #burn. Linc’s story? Coming Feb. 8.

- Colombes, A8, France
Mon, 07 Jan 2019

This guy is amazing!!!! I mean I don't know (or I know but I just don't want admit it to myself) if in his shoes I would have taken the same decisions. He has somehow sacrificed a "possible" great career to take care of his mother and his brother who has Trisomy 21 ( Kenny is an amazing character. Just read this book to meet him.). And he never regretted it. Not a single day. No bitterness, just infinite love for his family. His plans for the future changed, he had to adapt and managed to find a job that makes him even more heroic in my eyes...FIREFIGHTER. Just that.
And he's such a HOTTIE.
At the top of all this he managed to create a football team with children suffering from the same disease as his brother. As a Doctor, I imagine the height of this gesture. The happiness of these children. Having the opportunity to do something that society feels we can not do is incredible. I was so smiling big during every matches. This is the kind of thing I want to do. Bring unmeasurable happiness to anyone but more to those whose life is more "complicated". Beau is a thing of beauty, inside and outside. .
(a totally hottie too for what I know)
You can imagine that he just could not compete with Beau in my heart. I'm kidding tough, he was awesome too. He is a professional footballer who after an eighth slip is dismissed by his team. He's a mess. Well, as my mum says "when we don't know where we go, we look where we come from". So he went home. But he's just alone in this world. His parents are no longer there and he has no siblings. He feels alone. Very alone. To have it ALL at one time then to lose it in a few minutes it puts a little KO. He seeks to rebuild himself, to know who he really is. The young high school star that everyone loved? Or the football star that everyone has loved for a while until the lapse? He is lost. And luckily for him he falls on Beau.
These two together was cute. Ashton has long struggled against his feelings for men in general. Professional gay athlete? Hard. We all know. So it's very difficult for him to confess his buried feelings, even more to confess them to someone else. It took him a while but he finally got there (and in what way!). Beautiful. As usual Riley Hart writes hot scenes. I love it! And they are funny!
« Oh fuck,” we said in unison, then chuckled.
“I’m not sure I like that you’re longer than me,” Ash admitted.
“I can’t believe you just said that. Only you.”
“Yeah, but that’s why you like me,” he replied.
“You’re thicker, if that makes you feel better. »

Special mention for Kenny, Beau's little brother. This boy fell on a great family. His mother is strong. We understand where Beau is coming from. Kenny studies, practices a sport, has a girlfriend. A life that can clearly be described as ordinary, because he's loved. Unconditionally. I hope there are plenty of people like these two out here.
I love Riley Hart! It's never gonna change.

Sanaa Z.
- Toronto, ON, Canada
Fri, 04 Jan 2019

4.5 stars.
Riley Hart's books are something I've been a fan of for quite a while. So I was really excited to read this book when I read the blurb and that cover. Damn. I wouldn't mind staring at that for a while.
I read this book and everything about it made me happy. I loved the relationship between Beau and Ash. The chemistry was there and their interactions made me smile and swoon. I loved how Beau was with the people he cares about, especially his brother Kenny.
We were introduced to some amazing people so I'm excited to see if there will be more books and whose it will be.
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- The United States
Fri, 04 Jan 2019

This is Riley at her best.
The first m/m romance I ever read was Collide by Riley Hart. That one book opened a whole new world for me. Since then, I’ve enjoyed Riley’s books but not as much as I enjoyed Fired Up.
Both characters were well developed, and their growth and history helped make their story that much more believable. The storyline didn’t feel rushed and the supporting characters-especially Beau’s brother Kenny-really made this book shine.
A little bit sexy and filled with a whole lot of love, this low-ish angst novel is a new favorite of mine.

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