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The Tiger's Egg (The Wednesday Tales, #2)

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Published 01 Sep 2007
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Julie Andrews Collection
ISBN 0060755105

When the Circus Bolsillo lands in Larde, orphan Miles Wednesday and his angel-friend Little join its wondrous and chaotic show. They soon fall in with Doctor Tau-Tau, a mysterious and bumbling fortune-teller who once knew Miles's parents and claims Miles's father is very much alive. Miles sets out in secret with Doctor Tau-Tau, but to his surprise the search for his father quickly turns into a hunt for a much coveted and powerful Tiger's Egg—a stone fabled to contain the soul of a tiger. No one knows its true whereabouts, and as Miles and Little begin to puzzle the bits together, they uncover its curious connection to Miles's parents. Could the Egg be the key to the secrets of Miles's own past?

Jon Berkeley's second novel in The Wednesday Tales continues the fantastical and often comical story of Miles Wednesday, as he sets forth on another strange adventure in pursuit of the truth.

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- Ottawa, ON, Canada
Tue, 19 Jun 2018

On the road with the Circus Bolsillo, Miles and Little partakes in wonderfully vivid acts on the road - but the longer they stay, the greater mysteries begin to surface surrounding a legendary egg, ancient magic, and a price that must be paid before they can return home safely...Berkeley continues this fun and creative adventure with even more inventive characters and lighthearted humour. Watch your step: you never know when strange and dangerous creatures are watching...

- Ridgewood, NJ
Thu, 08 Jun 2017

This was the sequel to The Palace of Laughter and it was great.

- Bellevue, IA
Wed, 08 Feb 2017

It was good.

- Toronto, ON, Canada
Mon, 10 Jan 2011

Finally a sequel I can enjoy! I often find that the second book in a series is quite a bit darker than its predecessor. Think Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets or Beyond the Valley of Thorns, even Icefire but not Dragon's Breath. The Tiger's Egg holds onto the magic of The Palace of Laughter: The Wednesday Tales No. 1, moves the plot forward and generally remains happy and light in spirit.
That being said, Miles has some pretty intense encounters and gets involved with some seriously nasty characters. He is on a quest to find out what he can about his parents; how does he know who to believe when everyone is saying different things? Who can he trust? And does he really want to know the truth?
Along the way, Miles discovers some special magic all his own. There is a symbolism here of drawing on your inner strength and resources. I don't want to spoil it for you by saying too much because it is really cool the way that Jon Berkeley brings it all together in the book.
Tiger's Egg is at a magical and mysterious adventure that keeps the pages turning.

- San Jose, CA
Fri, 10 Apr 2009

The Circus rolls into town, now run by the Bolsillo Brothers who are trying to restore the townships robbed of joy by the "Great Cortado" they enlist the help of Little who can create joyful restorative music even if she cannot sing the Song anymore because of her selfless act in The Palace of Laughter when she saved Mile from the Null whose name is mysteriously missing from the Song.
In this book we find Miles and Little traveling with the Circus now run by the three clownish Bosillo brothers. Dr Tau Tau has surfaced, proving to be a self centered and certainly shady charlatan. Now, as the Circus travels, each performance brings a bit of healing to the town it visits. In the mix is Dr. Tau Tau- remember his Tonic in The Palace of Laughter? He is insufferable but has information about Mile's mother and father and this draws Mile's to him- Dr. Tau Tau thinks that Mile's must have The Tiger's Egg, especially because of Mile's stories of speaking with the Tiger. Finding the Egg and protecting it from the nefarious purposes of the Great Cortado are important elements in the winding plot of The Tiger's Egg.

- Lansing, MI
Wed, 22 Apr 2015

The book i will be telling about is "The Tigers Egg". The author is Jon Berkeley. I didn't like the book because it wasn't all real or maybe even close to being real. The main setting was Circus Bolsllo an adventurest spot. The main character is Miles Wednsday, He was look for The Tigers egg to find his dad, it was really a magic egg. i would not recommend this book for others because it was a lot of adventure. i like the plot because, they were trying to find something that was magical. The characters were not believable because they were easy to convince. I would not recommend this book for other.

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